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Quick question regarding posting/advertising for rental land

Sabra Melody
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Hi everyone. I'm new to these forums, been in SL 3 yrs but have never really looked into advertising in blogs and such. I just wanted general information on how to go about this.

I'm a sim/estate manager. I rent parcels of land w or w/o houses, that sort of thing. I have classifieds in my profile but how can I go about to advertise more? I'm at a bit of a loss when it comes to this. I have land/parcels to rent and would like to know where I can do that and how to find out more advertising measures. I hate spam and I don't think joining groups just so I can 'bot advertise' brings in renters/clients.

Any suggestions? I'd appreciate the help,

Sabra Melody

(Can respond to me here or in SL. Thank you in advance)

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