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  1. In v3 style new search you can still search for the cheap land like this: Open search, then activate the "Land & Rentals" tab. (not the drop down menu but the actual tab) then click the small green link "view all land and rentals" near the top right corner. Now you should be able to limit the search to some desired price range from the left side of the search window. And limit it to mainland from the drop down menu. And/Or you can just sort the list by L$/m2 and you will find the cheapest lands. Many of them are actually cheaper than abandoned land. But are you sure you want the land to be just cheap? If you plan to live on the land, you might want the neighborhood and the location to be nice and comfy. Personally im happy to buy more expensive lands to get a nice place. Buying the land hurts only once, but paying the monthly tier hurts lot less if you have a nice place. Nowdays i just open the world map, toggle the map to highlight land sales in yellow, and then look for places for sale that look potentially nice on the map. When i find potential shore spot on my favorite continent(s). Ill just TP there to see how the place actually is. Happy hunting. Nowdays we have piles of awesome spots for sale in mainland, with reasonable price.
  2. I went there to see. The object poking on the road is not owned by the same person than the rest of the stuff on the parcel. And also set on the wrong group. So im guessing that some random stranger just rezzed the object there. Autoreturn would fix the problem, but some people refuse to enable autoreturn.
  3. LL has changed the road texture again. The new texture is lot better. Thank you LL. Edit: i wonder if im looking at a work in progress. To me it looks like the texture should be rotated 180degrees. Now the yellow cut line is on the edge of the road, not on the center. Anyway, im happy even if the road stays like this. Making matching driveways to this road is possible.
  4. Ctrl Alt Shift P is the toggle for the property lines.
  5. Create private group for your land. Make the group the land owner. This will give you lot more options on how to control these aspects on your land. Invite your ALT to the group for her to be able to build and stuff in your land. Edit: And you can also give your alt ability to directly edit all your objects no matter on what land they are or what group they are set/shared.
  6. We are not talking about autoreturn. We are talking about no-object-entry. The vehicle get returned instantly after unsit no matter if the vehicle been on the parcel only for 2 seconds.
  7. Less than a year ago the vehicle stayed on the parcel the set autoreturn time even if you stood up. Im not a griefer and i complain. I find it annoying that my boat get returned when i hop off to swap seats with a friend. For example. This is again a good example of LL trying to fix social problem with technology. Griefers will just use other methods to grief, and well behaving people are left to suffer the new rules.
  8. If the parcel is no-object-entry, the vehicle will poof the second you stand up. It is somewhat new change. Super annoying.
  9. New road texture been added to the old mainland continent for a while now. The old texture sure was not the best. But i dont think this new texture is an improvement. The new texture looks very unrealistic and it will be difficult to make matching driveways and parking area's.This road would maybe work with some outlined cartoon house. Seems even LDPW themself failed to make this texture match the remade rez area at the start of the road. As seen in : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Noyo/67/191/43 The new pavement currently reach to the border of Bodega and Bolinas. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bolinas/3/89/39 I wonder how far it will spread. Anyone have any thoughts about this new texture? I would love to hear some opinions.
  10. I only build, script and chat in SL. So if SL is drama. Also all other 3D modeling enviroments are drama. And all other programming languages are drama. All other communicating tools are drama. Blender, C++, Maya, Java, e-Mail, ZBrush, HTML, 3ds Max, Phone, Basic, MSN, and many others are all drama, Period. I dont care if it is drama or not, im still having fun with them.
  11. I knew this will get messy when LL said “Last names under active discussion. We are trying to figure out how to do it in a way which would be excellent rather than just okay.” but didnt realise it would be disaster like titles. The previous discussion: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Discussion-Forum/Breaking-News-Last-Names-Are-Coming-Back/td-p/1281229 LL should realise that they need to bring back last names as fast as possible. New people with crappy Resident last name get born every day. Bringing back last names would also be very easy and fast. The system is already in place. Everything is built on for 2 name system, it was never removed. Only need to change the login page. Maybe one hour of work. After LL has re-enabled the option to select sane last names, they can sit back and spend months to think of titles or what ever excellent things they want to force on us. When display names were in the discussion before release. It was meant to be just the name above over our heads. And when released, it somehow was forced on chat and all over. And our real name was changed to ugly liisa.runo format. I can imagine the excellent thing we are about to get, maybe soon the titles get forced on all over too, maybe soon the in world chat looks like this: €rick The Gang$ta (omfgwhyallnamesaretaken2135842546.resident) Beginner Builder: Hi can i have 300L?
  12. And if you go for in-world advertising, remember to look at this first. The advertising rules have changed a while back and many people still dont know about the new rules: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:About_ad_farms_and_network_advertisers
  13. Making abandoned parcels pretty has been a hobby of mine for many years. Usually i fill the parcel with trees. Sometimes if the parcel is giant, i bring couple friends to help me and we build a park with fountains, lights, benches and stuff. I always try to make it very comfy for the people who live in the sim. I avoid using scripts, i keep the trees phantom, i make sure the stuff dont poke to other parcels, and i make sure im not blocking someone's view to the lake from their balcony. I also discussed with Governor Linden about my hobby, and she is fine with it.
  14. Pussycat Catnap wrote: Liisa Runo wrote: Here is one example of stuff what will be broken when someone changes name: changed(integer change){ if (change & CHANGED_OWNER){ ownername = llKey2Name(llGetOwner()); }} Personally im not too worried about my stuff, i love to do everything my self, so i can adapt to what ever change. And i dont really mind if i need to re-buy some stuff that maybe go broken. Not trying to argue here, but i have heard that our database have UUID, first name as a string, and integer for the last name. Servers, viewers and databases can be changed to do almost anything. But user created content is something that LL cannot change. Just have the function return a pointer to an object, the owner, referenced in the database by UUID - and pull out the name / display name variable of that object. We have no need to know what goes on inside the function, merely what variables to put in and what string it returns. They can use any means desired to alter what the string is composed of. Fixing the above would be so trivial that I could probably do it, without knowing the coding language in question - its just a logic issue (I've fixed issues like this many times at various jobs in languages I didn't know... when you work in web production, you often find yourself doing half of IT's job and half of Marketing's job in addition to whatever's on your own job description). I'd look at the code, and paste in something with a similar structure but based on a different internal to the object variable. Changing what the function returns will not affect to this type of scipt. The name got stored to the ownername variable 3 years ago when the customer bought the product from the creator and CHANGED_OWNER got triggered. This script will be broken if LL make us able to change our names.
  15. No worries, you can change the group of objects to the land owning group before you turn on autoreturn. Drag selecting piles of objects make it happen faster. And From that land menu you see if there is still objects you missed and are still set to no/wrong group.
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