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Steelhead Shanghai - Asian Steampunk - Parcels available.

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Welcome to Steelhead Shanghai...

After the railroads were built to accomodate the growing trading the oriental railroad workers were given a small unwanted region of land where they created a community and made use of the land that had been stripped of its natural resources where no plants and harvest would grow, the south mountain slope over mined and had caved creating unsightly 'tiers' in the rock face. Still the community thrived and they called the land 'Little Shanghai' which was later changed to just Shanghai as the community began to grow.

Being close to the industrial pier of Port Harbor and the many illegal traders and pirates several 'houses' banded together to profit in the illegal trading markets. The town is darker than the rest of its beautiful neighboring cities, an ever present fog rolls under the streets over the water, junk boats and garbage litter the bay as a few merchants with heavily loaded small boats push their way through the water. Some boats are packed with fresh fruit to sell, others have more... nefarious dealings.

There are warehouses, boat dry docks and the sounds of heavy machinery. The streets are narrow and the buildings tall and intimidating, casting a dark shadow to the ground below. Some people are strolling about while others keep in the the shadows. In the air there is smells of spices and foods prepared as well as something else that tickles the senses... is that opium?

The Sun Pagoda was created to mirror the RL Sun Pagoda in China. After the 'houses' moved into Shanghai the monks and priests were chased out of the Sun Pagoda where it sat empty for years, It was reclaimed by the city and now used as a welcome center for visitors.

Shanghai will be strictly building enforced. As its name indicates this is an oriental township, everthing placed on the ground must go through inspection first. Remeber the town is dark, filled with either industrial buildings, gritty steampunk designs or tall buildings or buildings of an oriental design.

Steelhead Shanghai in the News:
Click link to take you to list of Shanghai in the press.

Rates for Steelhead Shanghai:

512 lot, 234 prims (double prim); L$450/week L$1800/month.
1024 lot, 468 prims (double prim); L$900/week L$3600/month.

Steelhead is an active community in the Steamlands and a themed city based around the history of the Oregon and Washington Territories before they applied for statehood to the union. Steelhead is not by the book historical, it is a themed city where its buildings and facades are loosely based on real life places. Because of Steelhead's size and growth and its presence of non humans, mad scientists, furries, tinies and everything else one could possibly be we are an alternate universe of historical fact. Role Play, historical clothing is encouraged but not required.

Steelhead was established in 1853, current setting is late 19th c.

Please visit the town hall for more details, covenant agreement and all lots for rental...



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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4571 days.

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