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Can't stay logged in?

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Wondering if it is just me or not.

I can log in for about a minute accept items, receive group notices, ect.

After a minute I can look around using the mouse but I can no longer walk, send messages, teleport, nothing.

Then a few seconds later I get the popup box saying I've been logged out of SL.

This started last night at roughly 9:30 SLT (12:30 my time) and is still doing it this morning.

Viewers used Singularity, Viewer 2 and Firestorm

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I figured out the problem (sort of).

I think it's my lines, I have to call Monday and get a service tech out here.

It was downpouring last night to early this morning SL wasn't working right so I decided to watch some streaming movies and they where acting up as well (even though everything else seemed to work).

It stopped raining for a while and everything was working mint, then it started pouring again and it started acting up again.

Weird thing is I have high speed DSL why would it act like satellite unless it was a line problem.

It's raining a little hard now and I am getting some lag but have been on for 5 mins with no problems (other than the lag).

So I am almost sure it's either the drop line (from pole to house) or the lines running on the outside of the house.


The router and modem where the first things I checked and plugging my PC directly into the modem got the same results so it isn't the router.

Just wanted to verify that it wasn't a grid wide problem before I called up the tech.

Just F.Y.I. the streaming videos where not from a very reliable source anyway so at first I assumed was a server problem.

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