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Couple Pose Stand HELP!!!!

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I have about 50 couples poses and getting tired of taking each one out every time I want to shoot a couple or even remember what each one look like.  So I want to put them in a stand.


  Now I bought two stands and they are pretty much the same where I have to rip the animations from the balls and then send them to the contents box of the stand itself individually.......so here is the hard part and such a pain in the .......


  So now I have to edit a menu nc of each pose and into categories, which I seem to have finally gotten accomplished after 2 hours of trying to figure it all out.   Now.....the positions are all wrong.  So I get you have to edit each ball to where its suppose to be....but thats kinda hard when I don't have a couple at hand to test each and everyone of them.   And then how the hell do you find the actual position of the balls after you edited it where its suppose to be?  Cause I need to save it in a "position" nc but I have no idea how to obtain the position digits I need for that.

Sighs.......this seems so tedious and complicated for nothing.  Is there an easier way to do all of this or a hud out there where I can drag and drop the pose balls without having to rip out the animations and manually input everything like this.


3 hours later and I still haven't managed to get one pose to function correctly......haha




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Which stands did you buy?


Some nice couples stands that are pretty easy to work with, and you can place an image on the stand to know which poses they are are these:


Xposer converter by Steven Dean is wonderful and it comes with a hud. Priced at 2.5kL, but they offer tons of help and online tutorials on how to use their system.

Then there is [gi inc] Pose Ball Viewer Rezzer  by Nakari Tolsen for 350L, and also displays couples with a photo.


Good luck!


However without knowing which pose stands you bought, I can't really offer help on how to fix your problem. But contacting the owner will probably be your best bet.

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Hi Precious

I make and sell a couples posestand called the Fotoscope Duopose. It could be mine that you're using!!!! a few comments spring to mind!

Unfortunately the notecard setup is pretty much unavoidable because there is no standard way for naming poses. As a result it's impossible for a script to know which pose belongs with which or which menu set they should belong to. I've spoken to several posemakers about a standard format for posenames so scripts could automate posestand setup but I have to say my suggestions haven't been met with any enthusiasm at all.

Where positions are concerned again it's impossible for scripts to know how to place avatars together in any couples or group pose. Even if it were it would only be an approximation as avatar sizes can vary enormously!

Some systems like the Intan dance system use preset notecards which contain the necessary data for the script to read. Unfortunately there are sooooo many couples poses out there used by photographers that this approach wouldn't really work for photographers.

So with my stand it IS necessary to rip out the animaton files, drop them in the stand, edit a notecard and edit the positions. I hope the help I've provided in the stand makes this relatively straightforward. I also have a webpage which provides extra informationa about this at http://www.fotoscopesl.com/Support/DuoposeHelp.aspx. I hope too that editing positions is made much easier by having a single HUD button to click rather than endless menus!

Lastly I'm ALWAYS happy to help those who are having problems setting things up. Give me a call inworld if you still need some help setting this up. That applies even if it isn't my posestand you're using :) Photography should be about learning and fun and taking geat pics... not getting immensely frustrated with stuf that just doesn't work!!!


Korgi Lerwick




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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4025 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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