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Looking for work! (Resume enclosed)


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Okay, I had an account around 4 years ago on SL, but never really played much. Until now, when I've suddenly become addicted to the game. While I could just log on to that account and be much more "appealing" ("Active on SL for 4 years, WOW he must know what he's doing!" NOT.) So in order to get a jump start in the game, I figured I should try to earn some Lindens before I bought some just to make sure this game was an investment I wanted to make. The kind of work I'm looking for would be some sort of sales person, Marketing advisor/director/assistant, Writer, etc. The reasons I look for these types of positions are because they play to my strong suits. I'm currently a double major in both Sales and Marketing. Though, I've also always been very keen at writing. (If you'd like to see any samples of my works, contact me and I can send some.) I really have very little employment in SL, so I don't have a Second Life Resume. Though, I'd figure I'd attach my real resume, so you can get a feel for my strengths and weaknesses. 

A position in areas dealing with unpredictable events that will utilize my varied experience.




-Practical problem solving, academic and leadership traits optimized through work presentations and the Systems Tester position

-Experience using Visual Studio.Net with PHP to address financial complex products

-Excellent presentation, communication and leadership abilities enhanced through work experience and the Systems Tester position

-Applied AJAX, .Net and Oracle Server to construct Web 2.0 servers for heuristic unix systems


Candidate for Bachelor of Business

Honours Co-op BBUSI, University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, AL September 2010-present

Candidate for Bachelor of Marketing

Honours Co-op BMARK, University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, AL September 2010-present



Systems Tester

Amaberry, Waterloo, ON May 2008 - Jan 2009

Used Visual Studio on BSD systems to generate best of breed user oriented applicationsUsed Eclipse on *nix systems to optimize converged GUI sitesUsing XML, HTML and mySQL implemented agile internet algorithms

Project Co-op World-span, Toronto, ON May 2006 - Jan 2007

used markov-chain applications to simulate loss variance coefficients to be used in realistic asset intervenion responsible for reporting on trade fluctuation condition for IPO purposes **increased return on assets benchmarks by 75%**

Velocity Resident

Velocity Residence Fall 2010 built Kantube, a status updating mobile game.


Contact: Patronis in-game for more information

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3452 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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