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  1. I have been updating my direct delivery to the marketplace. A few items keep giving me this message. Product state not changed: Current state cannot transition via "list" It is not a magic box item it is an item I just uploaded through merchant outbox. I looked under FAQ and all I could find is something about the unassociated items in magic box. these items are in my manage listings section. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~In Love and Light~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here at In Love and Light we offer the personal touch that comes from caring about our residents. We live in a Sim built around friendships, neighbors and good times. Come Join our community at "In Love and Light Sim" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1/4 Simi available ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3750 prims Full rights Complete privacy next to a half sim garden for everyone to use simple rules for peace of mind NO DRAMA only 3 residents on the whole Sims the list goes on and on All this for 5200 a week or pay 25000 a month! Don't forget every new resident receives 1,000 worth of Landscaping supplies at the spectacular "Loves Enchantment" after 4 weeks!!! For info contact Maura sahara Or stop by Love and Light sim for peek
  3. Hi we are looking to buy a full transfer sim. We would prefer stand alone but could be moved with ticket. If you would like to contact me inworld. Maura sahara
  4. Full sim for sale complete with long standing tenants. Asking 250.00, tier due may 29th. I pay ticket. Homestead also for sale with tenant. Asking 150.00, tier due may 19th. I pay ticket. Contact Maura sahara Please feel free to leave an im, because I get them sent to my email. You can also reach me at Thepretendpotter@yahoo.com
  5. Please feel free to leave an im, because I get them sent to my email. You can also reach me at Thepretendpotter@yahoo.com
  6. Full sim for sale complete with long standing tenants. Asking 250.00, tier due may 29th. I pay ticket. Homestead also for sale with tenant. Asking 150.00, tier due may 19th. I pay ticket. Contact Maura sahara
  7. are you a talented creator needing somewhere to show your things? We are looking for a few garden/ fantasy designers to add to our established in-world store. For more info contact us in-world. Maura Sahara
  8. we are looking to add a few talented outdoor and garden creators to our well established in-world sim store. Please contact us in-world for further information. Maura Sahara
  9. we are also selling a homestead. Asking 200 seller pays ticket, or best offer. Sim must be renamed at time of ticket/transfer. Please only serious offers and contact in-world. Maura Sahara
  10. We are selling a full Sim. Asking 350 seller paid ticket, or best offer. Please only contact in-world. Sim must be renamed as part of the ticket/transfer. Maura Sahara
  11. Loves Enchantment will soon have a beautiful corner 1/4 sim avail. Again. Our tenants speak for us by staying years. We believe in great neighbors more then great amounts of money. Our 1/4 sim is only $5200 a week... What do you get? *Gorgeous landscaping, free terraforming *24 hour concierge service. Any questions or requests answered within a few hours *Great neighbors *Free Security system, and weather system *After 1 month a 1k spending spree at the well known Loves Enchantment Garden and fantasy store. *Complete control over your own land. *No ugly Ban lines * Personal care from the owners themselves. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/In%20Love%20and%20Light/218/59/24 For more info Contact Maura Sahara
  12. Oh My Gosh! I have just been informed of this thread. So now it begins. I am not sure how this happens. I do not know all of the people involved and do not know what agreements were made with regards to this engine. I do know that I do not want or need my name linked to anything resembling creator content stealing! My respectability is much more important then any amount of money that can be made by stealing here in second life. I think that because people feel somewhat anonymous here that it becomes easier to do things here that you would never even think of doing in RL. Well this is RL. My dignity is real, and I offer my most humble apologies to anyone that has had content stolen. I truly had no idea, and have already begun to rectify the situation with my own customers.
  13. We are offering this beautiful sunset corner for Residential or Commercial. This is the perfect spot for that main store you have been dreaming of or your own secluded hideaway. We offer friendly hands on service, terraforming (if needed) security, great neighbors, and an easy laid back management philosophy. Don't take our word for it come talk to the residents from across the globe. We know this rent is low, however we have always believed that a happy resident is a good resident. Our prices also stay grandfathered for the length of your stay! So come sit back relax and enjoy your new life at In Love and Light sim. For further info please contact Maura Sahara.
  14. You read that right. We would rather good loyal tenants who are happy, then try to make a killing. Come find your paradise on this sunset corner lot. ' For further info contact Maura Sahara in-world.
  15. Thank you for letting me know. sl limitations I guess. Maura sahara
  16. Hi I am hoping to find a script that automatically goes from one animation to another. (not a menu or touch) I have seen them used at animation stores but can't seem to find one. Does anyone know where to get one at? Maura Sahara
  17. I am looking for a full transfer homestead. Feel free to contact Maura sahara in-world Maura Sahara
  18. We are seeking a full time General manager for our Main store Loves Enchantment. This is a family run sim and store with a friendly atmosphere. Responsibilities would include Completely running the store and small mall area. Schedule or coordinate staff including, csrs, hostess, djs, and other needed personnel. The general manager would be allowed a great deal of latitude in running the sim. The general manager would report to me solely and on a regular basis about the successful operation of the sim. If you are highly motivated, a Team player, and goal oriented please send your resume to me Maura Sahara. Pay Commensurate with experience as well as bonus incentives. Maura Sahara
  19. Hi If you havent gotten a job yet feel free to im me in-world thnx Maura Sahara
  20. Hi if your looking for a well paying job with friendly people then look no farther. Come to Loves Enchantment. Or contact Roza Poida in-world
  21. i am looking for a script or a set of scripts i could use to sell things from in-world on my website. if anyone knows i would be more then willing to pay for the service. Maura Sahara
  22. My question is just that. what kind of script would i need to be able to sell things off world, (such as my web site)? Maura Sahara
  23. We are still looking for a motivated self started to come mange our store. Excellent wages offered for the right fit. Responsibilities include.....Hiring, Firing employees, joining diff events, publicity, as well as setting up events. These are a few of our needs. If your a go getter, self starter who knows about running a store we need you. If this sounds like a fit for you please contact and send resume to Maura Sahara in-world
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