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Are we similar? Introduction.


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Hey guys, I just recently (re)joined SL and so I've finally (i think) finished making my avatar to resemble who I am, so I figured now it's time to connect with people and start some relationships (nothing too personal).  I first started looking for groups but figured maybe it'd be a better idea to just post a thread "All About Me" instead so people can just read through it and such... and perhaps contact me if they wanna meet up or show me other similar people.

1. I'm not looking to RP, I'm an 18 year old male in the US and I will be a freshman in college this coming Fall to major in Computer Science.  My avatar matches myself IRL from my cross necklace to the body type.

2. I like to hang out and talk but one of the big reasons I'm here is scripting. I'll probably start using voice... so I think that'll help me enjoy the community aspect of SL more.

3. I like alternative/punk rock music along with christian music.

4.  I love business ventures and plan on doing business in SL.

5. I hate tv and thus the reason I spend so much time on my computer (SL, FB, Youtube, Pandora).

6. I want to be a web developer when I graduate (as of now).

7. I live on the east coast, eastern time zone.

8. I'm not looking for romantic SL relationships.

9. I am looking for friends, a club/lounge, and or a nice group to talk to people around my age (16-20s).

10. Lastly, I'm looking for a scripting mentor.. I honestly don't know why someone would volunteer for this 'job' but if anyone is interested that would be more than awesome.  I already know a good bit of scripting (I took 2 classes on java IRL and this seems very similar) and I've been having fun with a few little projects that interest me for the past few days.. so I've learned a lot already.  Even if someone wants to just give me a few tasks every now and then for me to do or little code problems.  I just wanna learn and know that there's someone that will keep it going, help me debug if I can't figure something out, and basically teach me how to fish in some deeper waters.

Long post I know, hopefully I'll hear back from some people - or else I must just sound like an extremely boring person..!

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Wow - what a great intro!

Sounds like you'll have a ton of fun!

There's a scripter's blog/forum/thingy around here somewhere.  Did you find it?

Betcha run into some people you can chat with about the web developer thing too.

Grab your map and start winging it - great way to meet people.

Have Fun!

(easy on the hours, as you're in school)

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   New here and have no idea what Im doing! I cant seem to even LOCATE my avitar?!? Let alone customize and start

 playing! I downloaded and login takes me to a page that reconizes me but I still cant seem to be able to even  SEE
 my avitar or customize it or figure out how to interact with others...I dont have a microphone or head set. So am I in the

 wrong place? Please help!!

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4057 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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