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Caselton City Job oppertunities.


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We are forever creating and changing our enviroment, We encourage you to join us and add a bit of you to the life of the city!

Caselton City is a realistic city, in many ways. From the various career opertunities to RP while in the sim. That pay RP money,  to interaction with the rest of the many things the enviroment has. We are currently seeking  individuals who want to apply for the following positions.



Mayor  - This position is an election based. Contact the city and let them know you want to run. make a couple of campaign ads is suggested.

Judge - It is your job to operate a court house, for cases that go before court. You must organize, and run a fair court. This is a salary paid position. That will be discussed when the position is filled.

Lawyers - This position will grant you a building to operate a lawfirm.

 Police Officers - We need  officers to help patrol and  serve citizens, both full time and part time help is needed.

Fire Fighters - Join the city  fire department, earn great pay while fighting fires on our custom fire starter system. No more  waiting for ppl to set fires up, they happen randomly in our city. This Job pays depending on experience, the chief will set your pay grade.

Garbage Company - Seeking a individual  to help operate a waste collection truck. This will pay $170 RP a week.

Bank Clerk -  You must be experienced in accounting, organized, and friendly. This job will pay $210 RP a week.

Fast Food Cooks - Seeking individuals, who have the ability to handle a complex supply and demand business. and provide good quality food.

Medical Professionals - We are seeking qualified individuals to help provide great, realistic nurses ,doctors,EMT's, and other medical professionals. We will provide you with high quality gear and teach you how to use it with our interactive system. This job start pay at $ 180 RP a week depending on experience and position.

Buisness owners - If you are interested in running one of the buisness's we provide in the RP sim, simply stop in and let us know, each business is a important piece of how the city works. and we will provide you with everything you need.

Night Club - We are seeking experienced individuals to run a night club for the city, we need both entertainers and management. If you are interested contact KITILA Cortes the City Planner.

( Remember you control the business, and how it runs. Will it succeed or fail?)



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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4342 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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