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  1. Ok I know I let a few people test the grass a while back, so now that me and this guy with tenticals in his back, have done a little more work to them, and updated a few things. I would like to know who would be interested in being involved during this products transition into testing. Contact KITILA Cortes in-game for more information.
  2. I did not mean to offend anyone at all, As Dominic mentioned im not a Rp-er or a moderater of any kind. I just script and create. I am sorry if i was a bit harsh, I just seen how much work went into the sim with justin creating it and thought (pep) was insulting it for no reason. But may have been a misunderstanding on my part . I really am sorry pep.
  3. I wounder why you even made a comment in the first place, The post was made in the proper location, it does not need to be in the vampire section, second your comment makes you look like a complete dip stick. cause it sounds like nothing but rambleing and non-sense. Please refrain from posting comment not related to the subject. I was just trying to tell people of a great Role-play location that was found, and you come in making the rest of us lose just a bit of intelligience reading your pointless comment. If you have a hard time understanding what was being decribed maybe you should just lo
  4. The Fallen is an outstanding enviroment, set in a post apocalypse time period. The feeling this sim offers, is second to none. It was published in the SL best destinations part of the Second Life website. We would like to invite you to come role-play and experience what many others have already, that will keep you coming back day after day in some of the most captivative dark urban role-play offered in Secondlife. http://slurl.com/secondlife/The%20Fallen/145/15/200
  5. Alright, for everyone who has been following this topic. I got a beta version ready. I will post a new thread for information to to go to be ableto get your own.
  6. No, changing the texture risk turning the prim ruth, or gray colored. It is much better to do it other more out of the box thinking. Just keep my name in mind, I'll post soon to pass it out and let you guys play with it. and help advance it
  7. I create, breedables. but due to a few things I hardly release them. I rather advance them so they stand out for their ability to show change in secondlife for items that leave other creators scratching their heads and try to 1 up and advance the world as well. I've spoken with nearly, if not all breedable creators that give it a go. I can say we would all agree in it is aot of hard work both scripting, and marketing to meet an ever changing market. The people who use the products are in control, not the creators. You can simply stop using the product, or work as a community to insist changes
  8. It already been created, lol. but in a much performance friendly fashion then what you decribe. Not that is it's a bad design, just better ways are out there now. I look forward to posting more information. I am currently tinkering with it to make it more interactive.
  9. Well right now, it has a few maintaince needs.
  10. SO I love to create things advancing the secondlife universe. Don't ask why the idea i been playing with, takes a weekly summer chore and turns it into a virtual possibility. It turns out to be quite fun. I also already found many ways to make it quite interactive, because that's the stuff that makes SL enjoyable. So I was just curious what others would say about mow-able grass.
  11. I been working on some realistic grass, and it works really well for me. I would be interested in letting a few people jump in and play along with me. Contact me inworld if you are interested :) . Also might be good idea, to send me a notecard. Just in case.
  12. Caselton Haunted Manor, would like to invite you to join our group, to recieve updates for opening day of the haunted manor. This scary,but yet fun interactive area. Visit out city to be added to the group, and we will keep you updated. If you would liek to contribute to building the haunted house, Please contact KITILA Cortes. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Stages/49/213/67
  13. This city is a great place, the community is friendly. Great looking place to hangout, and spend time with friends. This is a modern day city that is ever growing and changing. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Stages/49/213/67
  14. Looking to find a great places with the people you know you will love logging into every day. Come visit Caselton City. We have a great looking sim, that offers a friendly place to hang out and do fun activities together with other friends. Like bowling, grabbing a burger, or watching a movie, maybe even a board game. Stop by. the place is covered in glue you will love it and get stuck to coming back time after time. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Stages/49/213/67
  15. Caselton City is a ever growing and evolving city. it is a realistic city on many levels. That requires quite a few people to operate. We are seeking individuals interested in helping us in the following professions. Night Club Staff - We are seeking people interested in management, host, dancers,security, club promoters.( we have a club on our sim, that we would like help running.) Police Department- We are seeking experienced officers, to join our force. Fire Department - Is seeking cadets to join it's volunteer fire house, to manage and operate a small crew of guys. Working under the ma
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