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Corner Lot in Surfing Paradise - 4096 sqM with 1265 prims Includes Y/C Membership and Boat Slip

Weston Lane

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Surfers Paradise - 4096 sqM with 1265 prims 

Why settle for less? Come live in the most luxurious tropical private surf community in SL. See for yourself, drop by and surf onour Suring Sim on one of our 5 kinds of waves, with free board rezzer so bring friends!!!


 Yacht Club membership included! Weston Marina - situated in West Blake Sea with over 300 sims to sail or fly over.



Includes Sailing School with Free Sailboats:


You will love the gorgeous white sand beaches with soothing waves and tropical plants that sway gently in the wind.

In addition, you can enjoy the privacy that every parcel brings, as each parcel is at least double protected, meaning that there are at least 2 sides that are protected from close development due to the presence of ocean or deep channels or mountains.  only 9 4096 parcels on the entire full sim, the rest is park land for your enjoyment. NO LAG EVER!

The communal center park area is accessible for use by our residents and their guests. This area has many special amenities that we hope you will enjoy as much as we do. It is an extension of your land, like having a huge National Park next to your  home.


Each lot includes free loaded intan, landscape, surf, waves, rocks, birds, trees, waterfalls, cliffs, gazebos, patios, docks, and yes even great houses if needed. We want to keep the look and feel of the islandlooking the best in second life. Please read the covenants carefully and IM Weston Lane if you have any questions about anything.

Hana Aloha is also a unique estate because unlike mainland properties which require an upgrade to premium account and payment of tier fees in US dollars, and even other estates which require a PayPal account and again payment in US dollars, you are NOT required to upgrade your account to own land here and further, you can pay your tier fee to a box conveniently located on your parcel, in lindens .

We hope you will enjoy your time on Hana Aloha, please feel free to drop us any comments. We look forward to having you call Hana Aloha Island your home.  Contact Weston Lane, Paige Hyx for info or tours.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4316 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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