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Ouchies! Current Mouse Steering Settings Are Painful To The Wrist!

KeeperS Karu

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Heyla and well met!


I apologize if this actually turns out to be the incorrect place to post this. However, to my thinking, it seems appropriate, as I'm hoping that, somehow, someway, I can make changes to the viewer that will help solve my problem. You see, after a long absence from SL, I returned to find that, after only a few weeks of being in-world, my right wrist began aching and hurting, again, after actually having gotten better, over the last year or so, to the point where it simply didn't hurt, anymore. It turns out that the reason for the pain is actually directly related to my use of mouse steering, which allows me to move with greater precision within Second Life. At first, I couldn't understand why this would cause problems, as I use a similar method of movement on another platform, an MMORPG. However, I soon realized that the difference was that, on that other platform, mouse steering was done through holding down the RIGHT mouse button. This apparently makes a very BIG difference, as using my middle finger to hold down the right mouse button is actually much less stressful and ergonomic upon the wrist joint, while continual use of the index finger to hold down the left mouse button can actually cause genuine physical health issues.


So, I have a few options. One of them is to wear my old wrist brace to help reduce the pain. Unfortunately, it's not a real fix, as the wrist still experiences pain, just not as much. In addition, wearing the brace for that long tends to eventually cause a minor rash and other skin problems for me. The other alternative, the one I like best, as well as the reason why I'm posting this, here, involves the following: I know that, by going into the keys.xml files in the SecondLifeViewer2--app_settings folder, I can actually customize many of my keyboard controls, which I have. My hope is that someone, here, might actually know if there is a similar file hiding somewhere for the mouse settings of the viewer, allowing me to change things so that the right mouse button, by default, controls mouse steering, while using something such as ALT + "right click" will bring up the drop-down menu, instead of simply right-clicking.


Anyhow, if anyone has any information that can help me altar the viewer in such a way, I'd be incredibly grateful!


Thank you for your help,

KeeperS Karu (Keeper S. Karu)

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4105 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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