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Voodoo and how to play without been banned

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Hello a friend of mine invite me to play voodoo.  It is fun because it allow to go from place to place and having fun while get linden.


I try my best to play it

1. Hard to know the group

2 hard to find where is the voodoo where I have to click

3 valid the link ok

4 20 seconds AFK I miss sometimes

5 Impossible to know if I am sill recorded


That is what I understand of that game. I know I am a slow learner and do many mistake before I know how to play. 

Then I got in the hud Disabled. Then I understand that I was banned. I try to get undbanned in ony way I was banned but when I ask to be unbanned the system say that I am not banned. Then I open a ticket and ask. The moderator give me the information that my account was banned. It was a good start. He didn't explain me why. He was very angry against me because he said that I didn't respect the rules, But he didn't say waht rule I didn't respect. I continue and ask  to be unbanned. but he was more angry and stop the discussion




Am I the only one in this situation ? How to be unbanned ? Is it definitive? I would like feedback. 

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Sadly, no you're not alone, @Gabriel Isodo . I personally have experienced the exact same misadventure as you some years ago : banned by Voodoo overnight for untold / arbitrary reasons. And during my appeal process to be unbanned, I've been literally called names / insulted by Voodoo employees.

Since then, I could meet and discuss with several other of their "victims", which only confirmed such rudeness is actually Voodoo's usual behavior and their whole appeal process is basically a joke. My conclusion is, this is only a shady business ran by people with obvious anger management issues.

My advice: vote with your wallet. Boycott their whole ecosystem (and venues that use it). Their are many alternative systems in SL offering a similar experience without getting you molested by some lunatic moderator.

Or just get over it. SL is vast, Voodoo is actually a microscopic part of it. You can perfectly enjoy a normal life whether you're on their blacklist or not. Don't waste your time and energy on people who are not worthy of it. 😎

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15 hours ago, animats said:

What's "Voodoo"? Is this is a place in SL, or something like those fishing games used to attract users?

Voodoo has sploders and a stand alone security system.  So yeah, the sploders are purely a traffic item, IMO.  There is actually a HUD, offered for free by the creator of Voodoo, to show where to find active sploders.

Second Life Marketplace - XPLODER : Voodoo Sploder Tracker HUD

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