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Second Life railway map

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Hi 😃

For those of you into railways, I have just completed more railroad maps - there is one showcasing the chaos of Heterocera and one with the current state of Bellisseria railways. (I have not added Shobu stuff yet as it is currently not yet built or really ridable - but I will as soon as it is opened!).

You are welcome to use the maps to do whatever you like (display them, add to your vehicles, put them on your pillow). There is also a free MP link but I don't know if it is acceptable to post here.

(I apologize if this is not the right forum - I am not a frequent user...)

Anyway enjoy!


SLRR Map (Apr 2024) - Heterocera & Sansara.png

SLRR Map (Apr 2024) - Bellisseria & Jeogeot.png

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