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  1. i get these kinds of IM spams almost weekly and its getting very annoying and blocking the object doing the spam seems to not work cuz like the next week i get the exact same spam but from a new object. These IM spams are worst then getting email spam, least that goes into our junk folder and dont have to read it at all.
  2. ya looks like they may hook up satori with belli since they moved alot of other regions out of the way
  3. images as well as other uploads like sound and mesh are all assigned a UUID and that UUID changes with every item uploaded so it kinda impossible to check if the item is already on the server. As far as i know it would require a complete rewrite of the asset server code to do such check but would also make uploading and fetching alot longer process, meaning a instant upload of a 512 by 512 image could take up to 5 seconds to upload if LL rewrote the asset code to allow such checks on the server during the upload process.
  4. it is the lodge and the camper teaser pic patch did.
  5. look at the url before clicking the search result. if it doesnt say secondlife.com it is most likely a phishing/harmware site. These kind of sites are made for alot of legit services like world of warcraft and minecraft. so its not just limited to SL. The one posted here looks like the old windows tech scam. Made to look like your PC just got infected, give you a number to call, the scammer fools you more into thinking your pc is badly infected then says he can fix it for a fee. But all the scammer did was get you to install teamviewer, open console and type in some random stuff made to freak out people. Its all over YouTube of how the scam works. Good that this one posted has been reported but remember this isnt the only one aimed at click batting second life searches. Google search has a better system to filter out phishing sites but always check the url in the green text before clicking, if it looks like a scam it probably is.
  6. make a alt, derender his cloths and post naked pics of him on flicker, see how he likes it. Maybe add the words "my stalker" on the picture using a photo editing program like gimp.
  7. oh god dont use while for looping, that just causes you to write more lines of code which adds to the stack size. and as for what everyone else says, use and delete out of the memory as quickly as possible and store least amount of string characters as possible to avoid the stack heap warning. AND FOR THE LOVE OF MEMORY! dont use // comments and minimize your code as much as possible. do if (something >= nothing) { } instead of // some comment if (something >= nothing) { } aFunction(string something) { } instead of // some comment aFunction(string something) { } it will save on memory
  8. was at the home & garden meeting this past weekend and kaerri said that LL does have plans for a surprise region so just gotta wait till the expo.
  9. @Mitch Merricks was awesome seeing you fly under it. was standing on one side with a friend chatting away when i saw you fly under it as if you done that many times before.
  10. aawww baby sinclair i really do miss that show. Anyways i get similar stuff thrown at me cuz im a tiny meerkat but i got friends who are into the whole BDSM and they aren't banned. I got a non bdsm friend i sometimes call mommy, my account is still active. If ever in doubt, ask a linden either by a ticket or live chat.
  11. @Prokofy Neva if you don't like what others do on mainland then go get your own regions or better yet go make your own opensim grid.
  12. i think they did this change to hide when they do the move to the cloud so we won't know when they do it. i won't be surprised if all the rc's are in the cloud now.
  13. yes its large groups that causes one to lag and the amount of groups one is in. inventory on the other hand should not since that is part of the login process and inventory data is now on the amazon cloud servers people have the misconception that inventory moves with you from region to region, as far as i can tell all inv data is on its own server and a copy of that data is stored in your viewer for faster access and not stored on the region server your on. though i dont really know how inventory data is processed since im not a linden.
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