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Discover Your Dream Home at Aussie Shores Estate: Furnished & Unfurnished Rentals Await.

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Welcome to Aussie Shores Estate, where the charm of virtual Australia comes to life! Spread across six unique regions, we offer a plethora of rental options and relaxing destinations for every desire and need.

🏠 Rentals Across Four Regions:

Koala Beach: Experience beach side living in furnished rentals like "Koala Cove Beach Cabin," complete with private pools and ocean vistas.

Newall Sands: Surf the waves and embrace coastal bliss in our furnished and unfurnished rentals.

Launceston Isle: Find tranquility in our luxurious rental homes, where relaxation meets elegance.

Whitsunday Islands: From spa treatments at "Whitsunday Bliss Spa & Beauty" to exploring waterfalls, these rentals promise an unforgettable stay.

🌴 Furnished & Unfurnished Options:
Choose from move-in-ready furnished homes or unleash your creativity with our blank canvas unfurnished rentals. Generous prim allowances allow you to make it truly your own.

🎨 Explore & Hang Out in Two Destination Regions:

Magnetic Shores:


A photogenic paradise, home to an art gallery showcasing original Australian artworks, a café overlooking the Great Barrier Reef, wildlife info spots, and more.
The Great Barrier Reef:


Dive into the underwater wonder, explore, hang out, or snap the perfect photo in this picturesque region.
🏖️ Flexible Tenancy & Budget-Friendly Options:
Long-term or short-term, we're ready to accommodate your needs. As a not-for-profit estate, we're even willing to work with your budget for long-term tenancies.

💻 Learn More & Check Availability:
For more information about our entire estate and to find the perfect rental for you, please visit Aussie Shores website. Taxi here

Join us at Aussie Shores Estate and immerse yourself in the Australian experience across six diverse regions. Embrace the comfort, luxury, and community we offer, and become a part of our ever-growing family today!

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 101 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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