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1/8 sim Seasonal Parcels at Willowdale Estate


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Willowdale Estate was created by Imagin Illyar in 2009 to be something special with professional landscaping and more privacy than you usually get on parcelled land.  Today, 14 years later, we specialize in very private, Four Season, professionally landscaped large full prim parcels and Full Homesteads.



Willowdale offers forest themed parcels that change seasons 4 times a year without you having to do anything at all.  Seasons really help keep the land interesting and tenants are able to move and return landscaping items without it affecting the season changes.



At Willowdale we have a strict policy to NEVER change the tier on an existing tenant.  This absolutely protects you against a suprise price increase.  We do, at times, adjust our pricing to better reflect the market and to stay competitive, but on vacant land only.  If you buy land at Willowdale, the price we promise is the price you keep as long as you keep the land.


Visit the Willowdale Estate Land Store for landmarks:


Our 24-7 sales staff are ready to help!



Willowdale's corner 1/8 sim corner parcels are 8192 sqm with 3750 prims for L2900/week or L10,600/4 weeks.  Waterfront parcels are cheaper.



Our Forest Cove design will hold the largest house as it has the most open flat land, it also features a lighthouse and a swim area with useable water.

















Visit the Willowdale Estate Land Store for landmarks:


Our 24-7 sales staff are ready to help!




Our River Run design is by far the most popular, it features an elaborate waterfall area with a path you can follow up to a lookout.  It has a smaller flat area for a house. 

















Visit the Willowdale Estate Land Store for landmarks:


Our 24-7 sales staff are ready to help!



Reviews submitted by happy tenants over the years

My partner and I LOVED the time we spent renting from Willowdale estates!  We never had any issues at all!  Staff was always amazing help!  I was frequently comparing different lands, as we needed upgrades, and every time staff answered all my questions.  We never had any issues w/rent payments or neighbors or any disturbances in any of the lands we rented through you all, and should we ever become renters again, we will definitely return!  😃
Ala Arias
Willowdale is a waterfall heaven! I never want to move! The tier boxes are all kept together at the Resident Center therefore you don't have to rummage around any bushes you've rezzed in order to pay your rent! ;D I had a warm welcome from the owner, I've had no trouble at all since I first became a tenant, I'd definitely recommend Willowdale, all their sims are beautiful!
Quanishia Tuqiri
When I finally found Willowdale, I knew that I had found someplace special. The woodland theme was exactly what I was looking for and the landscaping that Imagin had already done was beautiful. Since then, I've never even thought about looking elsewhere. Imagin has always been available for any questions or issues and even proactive in enhancing and improving the Willowdale experience. She is also very good about communicating with residents, whether it's about reboots, sim issues or new services that she is providing. I simply cannot imagine a better place for an elf to call home than Willowdale.
Elwyn Nightfire
My wife and I really love it here in Willowdale. The first time we saw the landscaping, we knew we have found someone who shares our idea what nature on a 3D site should look like. Imagin is very helpful and kind to us with our questions, { especially mine! lol}. Might be a little pricey to some, but as I told those who said that, well if you want what you want, you spend it, period.
Wolffang and WolfSong Faith
 Willowdale is the best place I have lived. Imagin puts her heart and soul into her sims and it shows. I live on a sim called Entwood and being a sci-fi/fantasy fan how could I resist? *grins* The landscaping and terraforming is fantastic. I have a waterfront view and am surrounded by trees. My parcel is very private and it is my haven. I can not imagine myself living anywhere else.
Sapphire Hissop
I have been a tenant of Willowdale Estates for some time now - over two years I think. I forget exactly. WIllowdale parcels are outstanding... beautifully landscaped with quality trees, plants, water features, birds, but with plenty of room (and LI) to add your home and your own landscaping and deco. Personally, I have never seen an estate where parcels are prepared this way. It must take considerable time and expense, and makes them welcoming even before you settle in. Tenants also get access to several fun areas, such as a racetrack and a glorious beach.
But more importantly, the estate owner, Imagin Illyar, is very kind, and VERY prompt to help with any issues which might arise (for example, a region needed a restart due to some SL quirk).
I have frequently recommended Willowdale to friends, for the reasons given above. Given what all you get, rents are very low. The rules are logical, common sense ones, clearly showing an understanding of how SL works - unlike others I have seen. Many rules are geared to peaceful coexistence with other tenants on the same region, such as restricting sounds to your own parcel, and keeping sky builds out of view of preexisting builds.
In summary, I cannot recommend Willowdale enough. Living there is a pleasure, and Imagin is a wonderful landlady. 🙂
-- Miro Collas
Owner, Animations Rising
Creator of L'Uomo (male mesh avatars)

I have been renting land from Imagin/Willowdale Estates on and off for over a year and have had many, many parcels. Imagin has always provided not just exceptional customer service and beautiful, peaceful sims but she goes the extra mile and will always welcome me back like I never left.
There is nobody else that provides what she can and you won't find anywhere with the level of support she gives . . if you want it all, it's right here. Don't take my word for it, come see for yourself!
Liana Wildmist
You can Explore and Experience, all your dreams when you make your home in Willowdale--a luxury region of outstanding beauty and amenities.  Come, be happy and flourish ♥
Only the Best,
Lady Elicea Igaly
I was 4 years myself Landlady in SL long time ago and after I finished this Business I was long time in SL searching for a Home that was near like mine before.
Create and work with Heart!
I found this Land cause a Friend shows it me and I fall from the first moment in Love. All the Work you did, all the nice things on land, the Creations the Landscaping and and ...
Then I met you as a kind and very friendly and helpful Landlady and all was for me from this Time ok.
Willowdale Eastate is a Place where I feel realy at Home.
My Love VincentRight comes on and saw your Land by me and fall in Love too. At first he rent a plot by you in the next some minutes and told me  ..he feel relaxed here and never see such a nice land.
Now we are waiting that at my side a neighbour will move that my Vince comes at my side and that we have a larger Land together. I can not change the Plot cause I have my Shop in Sky and you was very kind to let me my small Business setting in Sky.
Vincent and me feel here our breath and heart on Land and this is your work Illyar. So - thank you so much for spending your time and hard work in all this and give us tenants the feeling and such a great home!
Willowdale is nothing without you.
Thank you and we both wish you a sunny lovely Sunday!
Your Happy Tenants
Caren Jewell and VincentRight
After renting at many different places in SL, my partner and I ended up at Willowdale. I was leary to make yet another move at first and Im'd the owner, Imagin Illyar with about a half an hours worth of questions. She kindly took the time to answer them all and gave me as much service as possible. I found out that she owns and runs her sims all on her own, yet her service is top notch and she responds much faster than a lot of rental places that have people working for them. Goes to show that it's not always how big your name is in SL that makes a good service.
After contacting her, I went ahead and rented a plot, it wasn't what I had in mind, because I wanted a corner at the time but was determinded to make Willowdale our home. I had asked that she let me know when she might have a corner up for rent and sure enough, good on her word, she did. So....another move was in store, but we didn't mind because we found our "forever" home with the best service possible!
I would highly recommend Willowdale to anyone for not only the amazing service, but her plots are stunning as well. Pre-landscaped and beautiful , you can't go wrong. Stop by and check them out.
Azzriell Lyvardi
You will never find more beautifully landscaped sims anywhere  on the grid. I have been a tenant here since June 2014 and I am loving it! The customer service has been great, This is my first parcel and Imagin was so helpful in teaching me how it works, and how to set the land! Even when I messed up my terraforming  she was there to help me sort it all out and get it looking gorgeous again. She is always just an IM away and I have never had to wait for more than an hour to talk to her. I love this place, and I can not imagine anywhere else being my home.
Cyn Surly
I’ve been with Imagine since the beginning of Willowdale, when Imagine had only one Sim. It’s too many years to remember. What you can expect by renting at Willowdale are very reasonable lot prices, wonderful landscaping, and an owner who’s always willing to help if needed. I’ve come to know her through the years, not only as a landlord, but as a friend.
Geoffrey Woodget
I have lived in Willowdale for years and can not imagine being anywhere else.  To start,  the lots are beautiful and private, it feels like there is no one else there. Imagin Illyar designs the lots with flawless taste that will suit any style of build. She provides current grid info in her group announcements and sees to resident concerns quickly and completely.
Willowdale living is living in luxury at competitive rates.  I love my home in Willowdale.
Randy Firebrand
During my time in SL, I've lived in a few places, but the one place you can always rely on is Willowdale.
Imagin is always welcoming, and nothing is ever too much trouble, almost day and night.  The sims are beautifully landscaped, and has the complete feeling of quality.
On the money side of things, Willowdale seems to be one of the few estates who offer 10% discount when you pay 4 weeks. This really comes in useful when paying a months tier.
After having several frustrating experiences purchasing land I happened across Willowdale and owner Imagin Illyar.  What a difference dealing with a reputable and honest Real Estate broker makes!  The Sim is beautiful and Imagin Illyar always responds quickly to questions and requests.  Doing business with her has been a pleasure and I highly recommend her.
Abriel Baguier
I just wanted to drop you a line to once again tell you how much I LOVE my parcel i rent from you. I hopped from parcel to parcel and i think now only death will take me away from Willowdale. You have done such an excellent job and love how you keep us renters informed of LL restarts and such. That is going above and beyond and i just thought you needed to be told again how great you and your business are.
THANKS!!!.....signed, One Satisfied Customer
Hi, congrats adding another sim. It's fantastic to see you doing so well, and proves quality always wins, especially when you see other estates shrinking. \o/
I have been a tenant with Willowdale for nearly two years now, and, I have never been more content! Not only do the offered amenities remain some of the best I have found in-world, Imagin always provides five-star customer service.  This wonderful community offers beautifully landscaped lots (and generous prim allotments!), courteous neighbors, and a sense of 'home' that you will find yourself hard-pressed to give up.  Don't pass up the chance to claim your own hideaway from the grid.
Serishen Cagney
Living at Willowdale Estates has been wonderful.  Beautiful land and surroundings and a beautiful person managing it all.  Imagin is completely dedicated to her customers, and this is proven day after day by the frequent sim restarts, the helpful daily tips, quick response times, and general helpfulness is unmatched.
 Jen Umaga
I wanted to express my feelings about my home on the Shyr sim.  I love it !!!
The plot I am on is stunning...the best of both worlds with a small lake, and woodland area plus ocean and beach.  Beautifully designed.
As a tenant you have given me the ability to move around or return the items you have provided but they are gorgeous additions so have kept them all.
Living here is easy.  Paying tier is easy.  I think you provide a very professional level of service and support and would recommend your sims to anyone looking for a new home.
Thank you for all you do,
Best wishes
I am new to Second Life but moved into Willowdale (Athos) just after arriving. It was great as the parcel was already landscaped with tree and plants and flowers and a few discrete objects - like seating and a pontoon in the lagoon all with animations. No problem returning anything you don't need to the owner. Imagin was very helpful and understanding when I moved in. The parcel itself is beautiful...  my visitor words, not just mine. It is also a quite private place to live with absolutely no annoyance from neighbors. No complains and Imagin is always ready with advice about how to get the best out of your investment.
Highly Recommended.
Thanks Imagin
Sebastian Alexander (Sebastian24852 Resident)
Hi Imagin,
Living four years nearly on Canidae it is time to tell you that we enjoy your wonderful land and the way you have shaped and arranged it. We could realize a remarkable piece of land combining your attractive proposals and our ideas for feeling well and being happy. Thanks for that. Think we'll stay for a long time yet. You are great.
Ronja and Guenter Bloch
I have rented from WIllowdale for a bit over a year now and my family has longer than that. Willowdale Estate is an amazing place to live, the sims are so beautifully landscaped and decorated and if you want to remove anything to do your own you can just return the items to Imagin. There is always very little to no lag on the sims, even when SL seems to have a rough day. Imagin is a sweet and kind and wonderful woman that is always there if you have any troubles or questions always sending out notecards with helpful hints and always making sure the sims are running smoothly. Imagin and Willowdale Estate are amazing anyone would be lucky to rent a plot of land from her here
Very Happy and Satisfied Tenant For Over A Year
Joisy Pain
I've been renting from Willowdale Estates for years now and Imagin is fantastic. Anyone can own sims and sell them in SL, but Imagin goes the extra mile when it comes to not only customer service, but also her artistic eye in land aesthetics. The landscaping in Willowdale is exquisite and offers a level of luxury and privacy not found in other land companies. You will not regret calling Willowdale Estates home! - Luella Gloom

Imagin has been absolutely wonderful.. always very helpful with fast responses. Always willing to do what she can to make your stay in Willowdale a great one. Her parcels are beautifully landscaped giving your Secondlife a realistic experience. I recommend Willowdale to everyone who is looking for highly detailed beautiful land.
Willowdale is an amazing place to live. The land is absolutely gorgeous, and Imagin is a wonderful landlord. When it comes to breedables, most landlords either don't allow them at all, or insist that movement be off. Imagin just asks that you don't go too crazy with them. She's very understanding when it comes to needing to make a late payment, and she's very helpful if you mess up with the land and need help. She also gives free things for winter landscaping. It is WELL worth the cost to rent land from Willowdale Estates, and I can't imagine living anywhere else on Second Life.
Xandrah Sciavo
We've been living on Willowdale Estates land for some time now, and we can honestly say we would not want to look anywhere else for our haven within Second Life. There is no lag, our neighbours are never any trouble, and if there are ever questions, Imagin attends to them right away.
The covenant ensures both privacy and freedom to enjoy your parcel, and the landscaping provided with it saves a lot of work while allowing many options. The parcels are also quite beautiful, and there's something for every taste and budget. Bonuses are many, including rent rebates and regular helpful notecard tips. in short, wherever you've lived before in Second Life, you'll probably find Willowdale a vast improvement. I know we do.
Leslie Hansome
Dear Imagin, feel and felt here always in good hands . You're always there when you are needed, help where you can and the land will be and remain for me always the best in SL . I'll be back again and again, even the time in which we had a full Sim, even after the year in which I was not online . There is nothing better to live our dreams in SL. Thank you for that all! Just wanted to say it.
Nalani Rodas

Visit the Willowdale Estate Land Store for landmarks:


Our 24-7 sales staff are ready to help!

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