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New System Hiring a Talented Team

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Welcome to a new system nearly ready to go into our testing phase!  Art Inspiration System is a unique collectible system creating one of a kind art pieces set out into themes and sets for players to display, trade, and sell in world to other art collectors.   We are looking for a team of individuals that want to get involved!   We are looking for someone who is going to be part of and grow our community, this being said, all payment will be made in the value of game items.  So you will be able to be part of the community we are growing at little to no cost.

Who are we looking for?

Let's start with the most important for growing a community, we need a talented Marketing Specialist, as a marketing specialist we need someone who can get the word out and grow our community, we are close to being ready for testing and we need someone to get the word out and grow a starting community with our beta testing offer and then continue to grow our community through multiple venues, you will be responsible for finding new venues of individuals who want to run galleries and auction houses or players that want to roleplay a art class where they will have the opportunity to create a painting within the allotted time frame using a booster.  There are many avenues to go with this system and we are excited to get this off the ground and hit the ground running.

Next to the Marketing Specialist we will also need someone who loves all things Social Networking, now this could all be part of marketing, but there's a separation between in world and maintaining social networks such as facebook, instagram, flickr, etc.   This in itself is a job, we would only expect to probably add new content every other week or every month, depending on the foot traffic and sales the system manages to maintain.  The faster the art sells out, the faster we will have to push new works of art into the system.   As all artwork is one of a kind we will be constantly coming out with new themes and sets for our players to collect.

We are also looking to hire a talented Web Designer, this one is a fairly simplistic one, we will not need anything too off the wall crazy and I could probably do this one myself and will be maintaining this one myself, so this may just be a one time job of setting it up in a way that it looks nice and professional.  I will be able to discuss my needs for the website with someone interested in doing this job.  This one would simply be a one time payment for the web design to our specifications.

Now that all the big dogs are mentioned, we can't forget about other key components that will keep everything running smoothly!  We will be hiring a small team of Customer Service Representatives that will know the ins and outs of our system and be able to answer and assist in any questions pertaining to AIS.

All of the above team members will receive varies payments weekly in the form of AIS materials which are used for the creation and design of our collectibles.  Our system is very simple and straight forward and should not take much explanation but there will be questions i'm sure of it! 

We are already thinking about our future expansions to continue to grow and develop our system.  Our beta will include 3 Canvas Sizes & 1 Theme for our collector's to begin collecting.  After our beta concludes will be opening that up with a handful of collections and continue to release collections on a regular basis.   Our future will involve various canvas options and other avenues will keep secret for the time being.  

We look forward to you joining our team!  Please visit us in world

(Just don't mind the mess!)


If you would like to apply, please submit a notecard with the position you are interested in and what experience you have so that we can discuss your involvement with the system.

We look forward to creating an awesome team and a bright creative community!

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 639 days.

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