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  1. Hello Sara, would be best to describe exactly what kind of content you want created. For example furniture, environmental plants, logos, statues, etc.
  2. I'm booked up until about mid-april, but if you contact me in world we can discuss pricing for this project.
  3. Not all mesh designers charge a hefty fee and will often work with stores with a commission as opposed to a hefty resell license.
  4. Hello Kit, contact me in world and we can discuss in detail what you're hoping to achieve.
  5. Starlight Landscaping & 3D Design is looking for people who want to be hired under a commission basis. Responsibilities mainly include communicating to people who visit the main office and/or reaching out to potential clients you meet along the way. Our commission is 10% of the first payment made for any job. And increased percentage potential if bringing in jobs on a regular basis. Reach out to me in world if you would like to discuss employment.
  6. Hello Sara, I have left you a message in world.
  7. Contacted you in world. Barry Starlight (B4rry Bing)
  8. If you are looking to book your forever landscape, we are available as early as January 30th for our next scheduled landscape. We work on a first come first serve basis, you must pay for your booking to secure the job on our calendar for a scheduled time frame. Jobs take anywhere from 1-3 days for small parcels and 2-3 weeks for half to full sims. We also offer 1/4 Sim Wedding Venue designs and simplistic 3D Mesh Designs. Don't wait, schedule your consultation today!
  9. Starlight Landscaping established in 2021 is looking to hire an assistant for commission based work. This is basic office duties such as communicating with clients, data entry into notecards readily prepared, and setting up new bookings. Assistants earn 10% Commission on all bookings with potential growth with time. If you're a people person and easy to talk to, you may be right for the job! We are only looking for one assistant at this time. Please fill out this quick form and we will reach out to you in world for an interview. https://forms.gle/qpUDgn8evvreMtrR6
  10. It might help to either show an image of the desired statue or at least give more detail in regards to what the statue is. Is it more of a humanoid figure, mythology, etc. If humanoid, is it full body, bust and head, etc. I personally wouldn't be up to the task as of yet, but it will help establish more of a skill level when it comes to 3d design.
  11. Our Main Office Location has moved : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Worlt/128/16/42 Flickr : https://flic.kr/ps/38sc3K For estimate pricing visit the main office and click on the gentleman behind the desk. This will provide you with a notecard and landmark. In the notecard you will see all the information regarding landscape pricing and time frames. If you are ready to schedule your landscape simply reach out to Barry Starlight (B4rry Bing) to have a consultation. All contact information can be found within the notecard provided to you at the main office. If you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to reach out.
  12. I highly recommend Biran Gould, very fair in price and works very quickly.
  13. Hello Riiena, i'm available as of January 20th, booked up until then, but please feel free to message me in world and I can send you the information for pricing and have a consultation regarding your desired landscape.
  14. Sounds like you're looking for sort of like a pendulum reading mat if i'm reading this correctly, but wanting the ability to change the options freely. If you would like to discuss in detail your design concept, i'd be happy to discuss it in world with you, the build would be separate from the scripting, but I also know a scripter that will be able to assist in the building of the project. So reach out to me in world and we can discuss building your board.
  15. Personally am not a scripter, but I can make a recommendation on one that i've used multiple times previously. Hope this helps. Biran Gould
  16. Glad I was able to help you with your mesh logo design.
  17. I don't think you took the time to read the topic or the information contained in it. I am a landscaper, not hiring one.
  18. Whether you're looking for a small winter get away or a tropical retreat to a full sim design, I have done it all! Starlight Landscaping Services have been provided professionally since early 2020 Some examples of work can be found on Flickr To schedule a consultation you can contact Barry Starlight (B4rry Bing) in world. If I am not available, simply toss me a notecard and I will get back to you ASAP. You can also reach me via discord if you're needing a quick response. Bhadeti#5722
  19. A bit busy opening up a second business, but you can find my work here on my Flickr page, contact me in world if you would like to discuss pricing and deadlines. https://flic.kr/ps/38sc3K
  20. We are currently looking to fill two positions prior to our grand opening on December 1st. Event Coordinator & CSR Event Coordinator will be responsible for building and branching out the community. Hosting and finding new hosts for events as well as forwarding all details for events that need to be listed on the calendar. Event coordinators will receive a compensation of 2 Blank Canvas each week. Lindens can be earned on top of this by hosting events earning L$20 per participant. Will discuss in further detail with those that are interested. CSR is responsible for simply keeping tabs, answering questions, and maintaining groups and discord to ensure everything is running smoothly. CSR's receive 1 blank canvas per week. Event Hosts & Partners Events can be held in our event room or on your own sim. Players arrive to the event with their Easel, Canvas with Theme applied. After the event is over (1 hour) the players that attended the event will be given an instant boost from the event host to complete their work. This will help promote traffic to the sim as well as give the player a much faster way to complete their artwork without having to purchase an instant booster. Artists - We will be working with artists in SL to promote and sell their work as well! So if you're an artist and you're looking for another route to showcase your work, reach out to one of our staff for details on what you need. AIS offers a Silent Auction environment to promote artists of SL on a weekly basis. All art provided by the artist must be one of a kind as with all of AIS products (the texture can not be sold again outside of AIS) Each image will be applied to an AIS canvas like any other artwork so that it shows the artist as the painter. The artist also has the option to provide an information notecard or plaque detailing each individual piece. Partner locations, would you like to host AIS on your sim? Whether this be for events or for locations for players to sell their work, or just a gallery to showcase AIS pieces that you were able to make. Our event room has ad boards available for you to become part of our community! If you're hosting events, please contact a member of staff to get your event added to our calendar. Bloggers & Vloggers - Are you an experienced blogger? Do you have a following? We are offering a free pre-release pack specifically for our bloggers. Bloggers receive 1 of each style canvas, 3 5 hour boosters, 3 licenses, and a how-to notecard to get you started. With this you'll be able to experience our new system with your choice of any of the currently available themes so that you can get a feel for the system and share your experience with your following. This is an L$1800 value! Any questions or concerns please reach out to me in world - Barry ѕтarlιqħт (b4rry.bing)
  21. Found your office by doing a search, but you may want to provide a landmark for others to easily find you.
  22. Thanks Rowan, i'll keep that in mind in the future alongside checking both regular and dark mode to ensure it looks okay for both. The last thing I expected was everyone complaining about the look of the post as opposed to the content itself.
  23. Thank you for voicing this, I do certainly agree that it does look terrible in dark mode as the background of all of the text shows up white, which is very off-putting. I personally do not use dark mode so when typing this up, I was unaware of the way it would show up. Unfortunately once a post is up for a certain period of time, it is not possible to make any changes, and posting again can lead to the inability to use the forums.
  24. My apologies for you having a bad day, but you can certainly just not read it and move on. But thanks for the bump.
  25. UPDATE All positions have been filled outside of CSR positions. If you are looking to be part of our team, we will be compensating our CSR's with Canvas' that are used in our art system on a weekly basis. We are also looking for Artists that would like to be promoted within our system. How this works is we will be working with one artist every couple of weeks to promote their beautiful art and sell their pieces! More details will be available in the near future, simply leave a notecard in the mailbox at the front desk. Groups will be available to join in the near future, we're almost ready to start up our beta phase in the next couple of weeks! Would you like to host the Art Inspiration System? Simply leave a notecard in the mailbox letting us know you would like to host AIS on your sim. We will provide canvas sales at your remote location and add you to our sponsors board. What you can do at your locations include Hosting Events (Typically RP events centered around painting, whether that be a Paint & Pour event or just a painting class in general) Enjoy an RP experience with others and get your art done much faster with a provided booster! Gallery Offer AIS collector's rental locations to put up their art for sale. (If doing so, you must ensure that all art placed up for sale uses the built in watermark feature.) Auction Offer a fast paced auction space for collector's to come in and bid within an hourly time slot! (If doing so, you must ensure that all art placed up for sale uses the built in watermark feature.) All of the events will be listed on our Google Calendar and website (currently under construction and planned to be finished very soon!) Reach out to myself or any of our staff for more information, we will be more than happy to assist you and have you join our team!
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