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30K Full Private Sim for Sale

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I am dropping this down to 55000 Lindens for a 30k private sim ... 


I want to make this very clear... I am not making anyone purchase my sim or charging anyone more or whatever this person below is stating.. Thank you


With all this being said I am dropping this down to 40k till the 27th then im sending it back to LL .. or make me a offer

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Doing some math. Buying region is $349, but one month included, so $120 for setup. It's $30 to increase to 30k. So Basically paying $150 setup fee. Alternatively, if I bought your region from you, the only fee needing to be covered is $100. Considering the amount of time it'll take to transfer, it'll likely be time to pay for a new month. Yet you're asking for $237 for the region. Can you please explain if I'm missing something? Cause as I see it, you're asking someone to pay you $90 more than they'd be paying LL to set up the region.

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