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Simple pose editing of outside pose?

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I have 9 poses that need to be rotated around the z-axis. I am new to this, but even I understand how to do this in my pose-maker it's that simple. But my pose-maker won't accept outside poses for editing (despite a 4500 L price tag), and these are poses I purchased from someone else. Is  there some easy way to get this done? Do any pose editors do this? I need the rotation to be within the bhh file. Thanks.

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If you have the original bvh file i dont see the difficulty, you can easily import it in blender, or the animation software you are using, and rotate it.

On the other hand, if you acquired the pose in world, and you don't have the original file, I'm sorry but you cannot modify it.

But, considering that you need a simple rotation, just put the pose in a poseball and adjust the sitter rotation, problem solved.

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Hi. Thanks.  First, the rotation has to be in the bhv file. (The issue is cam position immediately after sitting.)

I have an editable, no-transfer copy of the animation. but apparently no bhv files import into the animation software I am using. I will try blender. Thanks!

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