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Bom dia, desde ontem tento colocar produtos na minha loja do marketplace e dá essa mensagem:
Você não tem permissão para acessar "http://market.secondlife.com/merchants/4131929/store/products/23583872" neste servidor.
Referência nº 18.8ce52517.1652795337.21ade746
Gostaria de saber o porque não estou tendo acesso, tenho minha loja a muitos anos e nunca tive esse tipo de problema.
Aguardo resposta, obrigado.
Good morning, since yesterday I have been trying to place products in my marketplace store and it gives this message:
You are not allowed to access "http://market.secondlife.com/merchants/4131929/store/products/23583872" on this server.
Reference No. 18.8ce52517.1652795337.21ade746
I would like to know why I'm not having access, I've had my store for many years and I've never had this kind of problem.
I await reply, thank you.
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10 hours ago, BrenoDilan said:

You are not allowed to access "http://market.secondlife.com/merchants/4131929/store/products/23583872" on this server.

That website is NOT SecondLife related. 

  • market.secondlife.com is not a valid marketplace link, it should be marketplace.secondlife.com
  • The URL starts with http:// but should have been https://

Make sure you use the correct links every time!
Best way to do this is to go to https://marketplace.secondlife.com/ then click the "My Marketplace" or "Meu Marketplace" link at the top, and choose "Merchant Home" or "Lojista - Página Inicial" and continue from there.

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