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   im happy to start teaching all below subjects inworld and use skype and teamviewer also , so if you have question or need support or interested to learn just IM me inworld .

1. Course name : 3D mesh course:
- need to use : 3d Studio Max (any version would work, the better is version 2019 and up).
Total time: 2 to 18 hours, but could be more if we work on projects.

2. white board animation: 2d video animation.
- need to use : Video scribe
* Total time: 2 hours Max.

3. Web design (news website/onlineshop/ commercial and personal website design)
- all stuff they need is free here, but they need a domain + host (from me).
* Total time: 6 to 8 hours, and could take 10 hours Max.

4. Second life preview.
- they learn building, scripting, animation, general use of second life viewer.
* Total time: 4 to 6 hours and could continue for more and more.

5. Video Edit and montage.
- They need to use Adobe Premiere .
* Total time: 2 hours.

6. Logo design.
- They need to use Adobe illustrator.
* Total time: 4 to 6 hours Max.

7. Voice Over production / voice management.
- They need to use Adobe Audition, Audicity, MaxCraft.
* Total time: Could be 4 to 6 hours Max. 

8. Learn to speak and write Arabic.
- They need to watch my power point presentation and listen to me then practice in same time.
* Total time: 4 to 6 hours and could continue for 10s hours .

9. One Landing page design/by Blog platform.
- All items is free here .
* Total time : 2 hours or 2:30 Maximum

10. One Landing page design/by Wordpress.
- All items is free here .
* Total time: 4 Hours or 6 Maximum .

11. Animated Gif banner design.
- They need photoshop.
Total time: 2 hours.

12. Drop ship business trade.
- All items is free here .
Total time: 3 or 4 hours max.

13. DJing in Second Life.
-  They need Virtual Dj, Mixxx and they work on browser.
* Total time: 2 Hours.

Best Regards
Spider Mycron

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