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Sorry if this a duplicate, as I did not see the original post today.

More than ten years ago, I worked with some very talented people to build a hospital, orientation area, and other learning areas on Evergreen Island, http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Evergreen Island 3/37/146/30, which we used for training entry level RN's.  It is shared with other Washington State colleges.  Image of patient room, https://drive.google.com/file/d/12W3vrEu70BJ7YBSxgy4X9NePyJUe_LIM/view?usp=sharing .

I do not have edit rights to the HUDs that were created for interacting with the patient simulations we created.  They need updating anyway.  

Is anyone interested in contributing work to create a better virtual simulation area here or other places?

John Miller, RN, MN, CNE, CHSE          
Professor of Nursing, Nursing Simulation Center Manager
Certified Nurse Educator, Certified Health Simulation Educator
Tacoma Community College 
office 13.150, phone 253.566.5263, jmiller@tacomacc.edu
Zoom and other conferencing available

Here is a YouTube of what we did long ago, 


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