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Sonof Marvin

Grandfathered Homestead - Ready Made business

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I have a Grandfathered Homestead that Ive owned for several years.. I used to live on it, and later decided to rent it..

Today it is fully rented, its monthly income is L$27,184 which covers tier and has a nice little profit attached. With this in mind I would expect you to leave the tenants as they are until they decide to move. 

I am looking to get $800 USD including the transfer fee to maintain grandfathered status. Due to the LL Restrictions of not being able to accept straight US$ I would prefer payment via Venmo. I have sold regions in the past via Venmo, and can provide references if you are unsure about completing a transaction this way.. My last region was sold via Venmo just 3 weeks ago. 

Contact me in game, or at sonofmarvin@sensationestates.com if interested. 

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