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A Week of Love Under the Boardwalk @ Bellisseria Fairgrounds


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Come to the fairgrounds from Feb 11th - Feb 22nd for 'A Week of Love Under the Boardwalk' & RFL and enjoy live music with our wonderful DJs, Live Singers, and dancing along with a special Valentine's Day Particle Show. Check out the Amenities throughout the fairgrounds to enjoy with your someone special or good friends!

TAXI:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bellisseria Fairgrounds/129/164/24

Welcome to Bellisseria Fairgrounds and a Week of Love Under the Boardwalk. (Amenities at the fairgrounds for this venue)

Along with 12 days of DJs music, live singers and dancing, the fairgrounds is offering many romantic amenities for couples and individuals to enjoy. So stop on by and have a walk down the boardwalk and discover a few special moments with .

1.  Hot Air Balloon Ride:  Near the North entrance you'll find a Hot Air Balloon ride that seats up to two. Yes, this is perfect for a solo flight or couples wanting the best view over the fairgrounds or Bellisseria!  Its very easy to operate and instructions are on a board beside the Balloon.

2.  Romance on the Boardwalk:  Walk along the Boardwalk. There are some lovely viewing locations, along with two pavilions set up for a romantic interlude.  A cuddling bench, champagne and chocolate dipped strawberries, plus our Intan Couples dance relay post, loaded with some wonderful dances to enjoy together! (We've even put in a few benches under the boardwalk; hence the theme's name sake.)

3.  Photo Ops:  We have 2 areas for photo ops set up. That big present below the boardwalk has some fun poses for couples and friends, try it out!  Our other photo op area is hidden on the SE corner of the fairgrounds beside the Italian restaurant.

4.  Kissing Booth:   Need we say more? Love potions also available for the nervous nilly.  Enjoy and have fun!

5.  Ferris Wheel:  Climb onto the Ferris Wheel and take a spin up high for a great view over the fairgrounds and a nice place for a first date to explore together.

6.  Our main stage and dance floor:  Djs, live Singers, dancing, tables to enjoy the venue. Party on!

7.  Italian Restaurant:  Stop on by our little Italy, Lorenzo's Italian Kitchen restaurant.  Its set up for two different dining experiences. For the casual couple and friends, there are some nice tables further inside the restaurant with a wonderful menu and vast selection of meal favorites. AND for our Valentine couples seeking a very romantic experience, try out our front dining tables for the best dining experience to be found in Bellisseria.  Select the Couples Date experience and let the sequence take you both on an hour long dining experience together for a very intimate night out on the town in Bellisseria.  

8.  Feeling the Love:  "Hey, baby I want to marry you."  Are those words on your lips tonight?  Follow the couples footprints around the side of the Italian restaurant and you'll discover our hidden outdoor wedding arch.  Here you can propose, renew your vows or elope with your secret love.  Or just enjoy a nice romantic moment with someone special. This is also our Photo Op 2 area, some great poses for taking photos together. Enjoy!

9.  Maze of Loving Memories walk:  Coming Sunday, February 16th, take a walk through the maze of loving memories.  Have you taken photos of your time at the fairgrounds 'Week of Love Under the Boardwalk' event?  Why not share them with everyone?  Send your photos to either Rebellah Antoinette D'Arcy (deloreen) or Prudence (prudenceanton) and we'll get your photo posted along the maze walk.

A Week of Love Under the Boardwalk Entertainment Schedule
Hours and Date 11th /Tuesday 12th /Wednesday 13th /Thursday 14th /Friday 15th /Saturday 16th /Sunday 17th /Monday 18th /Tuesday 19th /Wednesday 20th /Thursday 21st /Friday 22nd /Saturday  
8AM -
9 AM
DJ Floyd
Kick Off
9AM - 10AM                      
10AM - 11AM
DJ Reb
Delain Particle Show
DJ Reb
11AM - Noon       DJ Lola  

noon -
1 PM

DJ Far
DJ Far
DJ Far
DJ Far
DJ Hammy
DJ Far
DJ Far
DJ Far

DJ Condesa

DJ Far
DJ Far  
1PM - 2PM   DJ Sassy  
2PM - 3PM      

Phi Mayo
Live Singer

            DJ Floyd  
3PM - 4PM                     LS Agatha Martin  
4PM - 5PM                        
5PM - 6PM     DJ Jack   DJ Jack       DJ Jack    


* Schedule subject to changes

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