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Known Brand Name & All Products For Sell - AD Sport Skin Republic looking for a new owner.

arzach Mills

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Firstly, sorry to my english its not my main language.

I am owner of a SL store name is 'AD Sport Skin Republic', Since 4/10/2007

I am looking for investors are who want to get a ready one active fashion Brand&Store in SL?

I am thinking to sell my brand name is AD Sport Skin Republic.

Totaly price of my quality and familiar Products + Brand Name + Sim is 30.000.000L$.

I am sure about you could earn your investment back in short time with a good introduction and commercial.

I will give all of my inworld creation's full authority to the next owner, but not whole sale business kits (creator kits) in my Xstreet store.

Me and my business partners worked hard to make quality products and biggest store in SL. Problem is i am alone to work for all introducing and commercial and theya are very boring job to a content creator. I think stores are team jobs in SL and they can earn good money with a sucsessful commercial and introducing on the SL blogs, events and inworld too.

 I didnt make any RL job since 2007 and my SL job was only my job in last years of mine and its make me relax in my business life and  about earn money too. I bet SL jobs are make the peoples are free, i love it. But its time to do something in RL now for me. AD Sport is a nice brand and many males are choose our products in several years. This is not a dead brand, still selling good but it need a bit work on it. Events, classifieds, show on blogs should be sells are up.

I am busy a bit in RL and Its why i cant work for introducing of my Brand name in SL too. At the same time, my works are not older or outmoded in store. I worked hard for better products from 2007 to these days, i didnt stop to make new products and i added lots of new products on last weeks again.

They all and more is why i wanna sell my store in SL? This is not any last of my SL. I will make a new one little store  after my busy in rl. I think to use my money for a personal short movie project in rl and its other hand of why i am trying to sell my brand.

These are list's all of my creations in my brand. You can be sure we have a realy huge and quality male skin&shape sets. Please visit my inworld store to see our  product's quality and prices are close.


                                                                  List of Products

Skin, Shape, Character

1 Full Sim with store building (Sim name is 'AD Sport')

32 diffrent Male Skin & Shape set (Up of 700 Single Pack with facial hairs) - (One Male Celebrity Skin inside)

10 FemaleSkin & Shape  (Up of 300 Single Pack) - (Two Female Celebrity Skin inside)

10 Fantastic Skin & Shape (Several Movie Characters, Navi etc)

11 Full Character Pack

2 Werable Sculpt Robot Avatar


5 Textured Prim Belt

6 Gloves

1 Prim Bag

9 Sculpt Eyeglass & Sunglass

3 Prim Shoes

2 Sculpt Shoes

1 Sculpt Sandal

1 Sculpt Hat

3 High quality Baked texture Male Bodyoil

2 High Quality Baked texture Female Bodyoil

Up of 100 male outfit ( with color combinations)

100 female outfit (with color combinations)


+ Several diffrent quality male and female hairs and male shoes but i am not the creator. You can deal the it's creators for commision sell in same brand.

561 diffrent real customer in the SL group of AD Sport Skin Republic. I am giving group moderation to the next owner also.

I'll give you an information of the store's earns by years if you are a serious customer who want to buy my brand&store inworld.

Contact to Arzach Mills with a NC and present yourself if you are a potential investor, please.

Best Regards

 Arzach Mills

AD Sport Skin Republic

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Sure, its L$30 Million.

This is a huge brand and sells are guaranty for several more years with same products.

I know not cheap cause any buyer can earn realy good with it. I practice in several years, this is possible.

One of our 30% commision store in N. Tuck Mall is working good. Potantial buyer will be owner of second active store too.


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4159 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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