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Grab A Job & Services agency -- now open

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                                                      Grab A Job & Services Agency

       With all the advertizment agencies in Second Life what makes Grab A Job & Services differant

                     Grab A Job & Services aims to bring together several parts of Second Life.

                                                                  Its all about the circle


                                                           Clubs                            Services

                                                           Groups                          Supplyers

                                                                            Job Seekers      

                        Clubs and Service providers have the opertunity to rent advertizment boards

                                               Cost: $50L a week              Current available boards 118

           Groups and Supplyers have the oppertunity to put in a single prim group join and/or landmark giver

                                  Cost: Your time at preparing a unit that is resizable and sending it to me.

                                                                          Available slots: 200

 What does each part of the circle get?        

Club Owners and Service providers get a steady stream of potental employees and/or business opertunities to sell your services. You will also see what groups are in Second Life for the promoting of your venue and/or service.

Supplyers and Group owners (yes even other advertizment and employment agencies) you get your name put right along side the names of those customers that buy your products. From the great advertizing groups to the products that make the venue and services providers business work more efficentally its a winning situation for everyone.

What is it that Grab A Job & Services Agency gets from this?

The rental boards help to pay for a part of the full region sim Timeless Island. Timeless Island is the home of Shoreside Club and Wedding the Flag ship club of The CLUB RING orginization. Both Shoreside Club and Wedding and the CLUB RING orginization have a stronge belief in helping and supporting the partnerships made in Second Life.


For more information please IM me in world. If I am offline please send me a notecard as all my messages are caped.

Gleanr Ellsmere a.k.a Wacky DJ Gleanr

Shoreside Club and Weddings Co-Owner

Grab A Job & Services Co-Owner



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Grab A Job & Services Welcomes the following groups and advertizers to the agency location.

Club Suppliers:

Gran Lighting - owned by Dave Gran

SHX Club Equipment - owned by Saii Hallard


Mainland High School - Owned by Hunter Fischer

Adoption Option - Owned by Jrnyval Cuttita

Next Gen Inc. Adoption Agency - Owned by Hunter Fischer

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 The original building placed for the Grab A Job & Services Agency was only there for temporary use. Today FlamingAngel Emerald and I have completed the building that will be the permiant home for Grab A Job & Services.


We have also now re-configured the adboard to give pricing more in lines with what everyone should be easily able to afford.

Prices are ....

              Large main view boards $50L

              Smaller Wall boards       $25L


Supplyers and or group owners of advertizing location or event groups please contact Gleanr Ellsmere in world if you would like to be included at the location.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4799 days.

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