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New domain for mainland explorers - RENAMED!

Yevad Doobie

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Currently it re-directs to my main site, but coming soon will be a re-structure of the sites.

********* will bring together the resources for explorers, Greenlaners will be dedicated to the vehicle business only (currently served by the sub-domain vehicles.greenlaners.com).

As some of you will know, the growth of the road network has been to the detriment of the green-lanes. The original site/group/brand was aimed at these routes because they required greater maintenance and were as numerous as routes with roads. Greenlaners began as a kinda "way of life" brand, hence everything being lumped together.

With the growth of the roads and the growth of our interests, the relevance of the name diminished. The in-world group was re-branded to "Protected Route Interest Group" to clarify the broad scope of our interests and goals (after a consultation period with members). This new domain will hopefully separate any further confusion between my vehicle business and the aims of the group.

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It was suggested to me elsewhere that I might not be allowed to us the new domain I made, so I contacted Linden Labs and received a reply today:


Dear Mr. *****,

We are writing in response to the email that you sent to our business email with questions about registering the ******* domain.

We have allowed Residents to use the abbreviation SL in certain ways identified in our posted license at http://secondlife.com/corporate/brand/trademark/sl_insl.php. Under this license it’s OK for you to use “SL” in combination with two generic nouns.

Your use of “SL” with a verb is not allowed. So, you will need to change your domain name. If you would like to forward the ****** domain to your new domain for a period of time that would be acceptable.

Please let us know as soon as possible what your new domain name will be and when these changes will be completed and how long you expect to forward the old domain to the new domain.

We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to hearing from you. If you have any additional questions, please let us know.


The Trademark Team at Linden Lab

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After a quick brainstorming and consultation with my group members, I have grabbed a new domain.  One which suites the purpose, is brief and doesn't have SL in it so :P to LL lol:




As before, currently it redirects to the old page, but in the coming weeks I shall be overhauling things.  It will remain simple with no silly gimmicks or annoying php that bogs down.  HTML and notepad are all I need!

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Just a quick update.  All free map downloads are now online under the new domain.  Old map subdomains @maps.greenlaners.com will continue to work, so if you already have these bookmarked you will not need to make any changes.  If you need the maps in-world as they are, do not waste your money uploading them, they are already available at my Explorers Information Centres, info on my main site.  Details below ;)


Yevads Map Links:

The following links are to maps updated regularly on behalf of the Protected Route Interest Group. All maps are open source and permission to edit and re-distribute is granted, on the condition that they are distributed free thereafter. The sources for these maps are archive wiki pages (Linden_Department_of_Public_Works_Roads), route parcel names, the LDPW blog, support tickets and information gathered from the LDPW open office meetings.

Sansara Map sansara.protected-routes.com

Heterocera Atoll Map heterocera.protected-routes.com

Jeogeot Map jeogeot.protected-routes.com

Satori Map satori.protected-routes.com (amended Linden/Mole map)

Nautilus Map nautilus.protected-routes.com

Corsica Map corsica.protected-routes.com

Zindra Map zindra.protected-routes.com

TSL Network Map tsl.protected-routes.com

Snowlands Map snowlands.protected-routes.com (details the off-road routes around Snowlands on Sansara)

Gaeta V Map gaetav.protected-routes.com

The P.R.I.G. sends updated versions in-world when available, the above sub-domains are always current. Further information available at Protected-Routes.com


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4675 days.

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