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Bleach Kimono

Second Life Events Calendar Not Showing my posted events

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Why is it that every time I post an event or 2 in the SL Calendar Events, others cannot see what I have posted but, I see the same places posting events ALL THE TIME, ALL DAY LONG! and everyone can see those events, why is that? This has been going on for years and I have tried to ask these questions b4 but trying to get an answer out of LL is like talking to a wall, does anyone know what to do? or how to fix this issue? Also, in the Community Event Posting Rules, it clearly states: The use of alts to post more than 5 events per day will not be permitted either. I just checked the Events Calendar and there are 10 posts for the same place and I cant even get one post to show up when I posted my events over a month ago!

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I am having this issue, sent in a support ticket, they replied, I sent screen shots and now have not hear back in days.

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