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  1. Ok, according to what I have read, when the transaction fee went up to 1.49 USD, land rental, private land anything land related was suppose to be less expensive but, I have seen land rental go up double. I have lost my business now because of the price gouging and I cannot afford land anymore. I get a certain amount of money to spend in sl each month, now I cant even rent a 4096 parcel, anything smaller will not fit my business. So here is my question...why has land doubled in price for renting when its suppose to be less in price?
  2. The grid is always down or messed up, I have been in sl for going on 10 years and I have NEVER EVER seen so many restarts and maintenance, there is at least 4-5 days a week that SL is having restarts and maintenance done. The more mesh that is used in sl, the more issues the grid will have bc mesh is constantly streaming, its not like a prim that is connected to sl directly, it has to be streamed in from a separate server, now if that server ever went down, then say goodbye to everything that is mesh, it will just disappear. The servers that LL has now cant handle the mesh overload, hence the constant grid issues, on top of that, the people who write new code for the grid, write it over old code which interferes with each other. Instead of actually taking the time to properly fix sl, they just put a bandage over it. I think most of us wouldnt mind taking a few days or so off of sl so it can be fixed properly, Heck I would even take a week off, not like Im missing anything since the grid is constantly going down any way..lol
  3. Why is it that every time I post an event or 2 in the SL Calendar Events, others cannot see what I have posted but, I see the same places posting events ALL THE TIME, ALL DAY LONG! and everyone can see those events, why is that? This has been going on for years and I have tried to ask these questions b4 but trying to get an answer out of LL is like talking to a wall, does anyone know what to do? or how to fix this issue? Also, in the Community Event Posting Rules, it clearly states: The use of alts to post more than 5 events per day will not be permitted either. I just checked the Events Calendar and there are 10 posts for the same place and I cant even get one post to show up when I posted my events over a month ago!
  4. We are looking to expand our club hrs and would like to hire some DJs for Tues, Weds, & Thurs between the hrs of Noon and 6pm slt. Music played, All Rock, Metal, Industiral genres but not limited to. 100% Tips, flexible scheduling. We have one of a kind events, we have never had any drama in the 4yrs we have been open, we are fun, friendly and crazy and we are also an SL Avi Choice Awards Nominee. Contact Bleach Kimono or search in-world for PoSsEsSeD Night Club. Link availble below... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bon%20Temps/49/34/2005
  5. I do a signature DJ set called F-Word Night, yes its a 2hr F-Word fest. I have been to several clubs on the grid and they also play some explcit music but they are on Mature Land, My venue also plays explict music but we are on Adult Land because I thought we had to be because of the explicit music and Adult land is limiting my customer base and If I dont have to be on adult land and can go to Mature with the music we play, I would rather do that. So what Maturity Land Rating is correct to be under?
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