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Club Phoenixxx is an optional strip club. Which is why the extra Xs are added to give the name a more erotic look and feel. The people that came to Club Phoenixxx come to have a great time, to hang out with friends and family, laugh, joke and have a good time without people spamming with gestures, to make the club look interesting. 

Although Club Phoenixxx was born inside a vampire castle, it is not a vampire club. Club Phoenixxx welcomes everyone but vampires are required to leave there Fangs at the door. We are real people that can hold a conversation with our guests and make them feel welcome. 

We are looking for an experienced General Manager to take the club to the next level.

General Manager Job Description:
Position type: Permanent
Salary: to be discussed
Club Operation: Our club operates from Monday to Saturday 
Closed Sunday for Staff Meetings: Once a month on any given Sunday (Twice a Month if needed)

The Club General Manager is to ensure smooth operations at all levels and activities of the club. 

The job calls for someone who is an enterprising person and a good communicator and can works closely with the club owner.

1. Hiring, managing, & scheduling of staffs such as Djs, host and dancers.
2. Ensure smooth running of the clubs routine events and activities including:
    - scheduling staffs for events
    - send reminder to staffs on their work schedules
    - Sending out event notices to marketing channels according to marketing plan.  
    - Setting up Shoutcast and contest board
3. Interacting with visitors
4. Enforce club rules and policies; including handling of violation issues,.
5. And assist owners in establish best practices.

Authority / Benefits
* Power of a GM - authority second to owner of the club
* Have own office & private room (if proven to be able to handle the job)
* Professional Meeting room
* Rez right

1. At least 1 year experience in SL
2. At least 6 months experience in managing clubs
3. Good people skills, fun loving and love to interact with people.
4. Good attitude - want to have fun but also be serious getting things done. 
5. Experience in setting up and handling club equipments such as shoutcast board, contest board etc
6. Skills in developing, executing and managing marketing strategies and events with minimum supervision.

Interest please contact

PhoenixLover Magic (Principle Owner)
KovanS Resident (Consultant)


Club Phoenixxx-20180316_001.png

Club Phoenixxx-20180316_002.png

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2318 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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