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Interview for Anthropological Project I


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Hello there everyone, I am here to do a project and I was hoping that if any of you want to do so. I'll be giving out seven questions and you have the choice to answer them or not, just at least participate. Please and thank you. I'll place the questions here and you guys can answer me by message if you want it to be private.

  1. How did you find out about Second Life?
  2. Any issues among players discriminating race, gender, religion, etc.?
  3. Depending if you had a relationship in sl, how different are the relations between real life and online?

  4. What gender is your character?
  5. Are your relationships with the opposite and the same sex in Second Life any different from real life?
  6. Which life do you like better? Second Life or Real Life?
  7. How do you usually like to dress your character? (ex. preppy, vampire, goth, etc.)
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I hope for you, that you are not in university and this is just a school project. Because this is a piece of hot mess from a view point of scientific surveys. A school teacher won't pay attention to it (probably), but a professor will not give you a good grade, if they take a closer look at how you did your research.

Beside the obvious questionable quality of your results, you also make it incredible hard for yourself. Just to name a few things, that stood out for me at first glance:

- Your data will be impractical to analyze: You have to copy everything by hand, at least once or twice.

- Optional (lacking) privacy will screw with the validation of your data: People tend to answer differntly, if they feel someone can connect them to their answer, but you can't know who changed their answer in what way. Not even the person taking your survey can do that for sure, as those processes often work below  our conciousness.

- Your questions are too open. When researchers speak about open questions, they mean questions that allow someone to answer very freely. This can be good to some extent, as it may give the researcher a completely untouched opinion, but it also makes it incredible hard to work with the test results, as you can't simply compare the answers. Open questions can also overwhelm the questioned person. A good example is your Nr. 2. This question is sooo broad and may result in every kind of answer, from people giving you a slice of their personal, subjective drama to others simply responding with stuff they read or heard somewhere. And people are lazy. Many might not finish your survey, if the second question already requires several minutes to answer. Same with 3.

Rule of thumb: If your question alone could fill an entire study, its not good for a quick survey.

- Question Nr. 6 is a loaded question. Do you really think someone taking your survey will truthfully answer that they prefer Second Life over the real world? Probably not. And even if you recieve different answers, the question will not provide you with usefull data. Its too flat and does not serve you with any information about why people like Second Life less or more than reality and it also gives no room for those, who enjoy both equally or to varying degress.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2051 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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