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2240m/512 Prim/L$975 Mainland Parcel - can be converted to 4096


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2288m  Mainland Parcel available for rent. Can be converted to 4096m parcel. 512 Prims & L$975/week.




Anyone may rent our land  for any purpose. Basic and premium members are welcome. Weekly or monthly payments are made directly to the owner through the rent meter on the land.

Land will be reclaimed after 48 hours of arrears. If you need to make a late payment, IM your landlord so we don't return your objects.
Land here is group owned. You will need our group tag to build, manage music, media, or other land settings. You will recieve almost alll land rights.
All visitors are assumed to be over 18 in 1st life, therefore most behavior is tolerated as long as you don’t harass your neighbors. Don’t shout. Don’t bite. Play nice.


Allowed Uses
Land can be used for all purposes ground or sky.
You can terraform.
You can set music, media, show in search, change the parcel name and description.
You can close land (Public Access).
You can sublet part of your parcel to one of your friends. You’re responsible for their conduct and for their technical support.

Prohibited Uses
Ground level is not a sandbox. Please don't leave a building in plywood for days. If its going to take you a week to finish your house, build in the sky, then when finished, move to the ground. We are happy to help you move big builds. Ask for help if needed.

YOUR COOPERATION IS REQUESTED to prevent server side lag.

No buying our land and trying to sell it for more. We’ll reclaim it, and you won't get a refund.
No temp-rezzing buildings.
Objects that shout are allowed if you restrict chat to your own parcel.
No refund if you need to leave before your time is up.
May raise breedables but NOT ALLOWED to breed Pets or Plants working with temp on rez technologies.
Disco/Club allowed.
No casino/game of skill objeccts on land not designated as skill game land.

If you repeatedly or flagrantly violate the terms of this covenant, your land will be reclaimed and rent paid will not be refunded. We only do this after multiple warnings, if your actions spoil Second Life for your neighbors, and you refuse to behave.

We reserve the right to evaluate tenants use of land and compliance of rules.

Gayngel Resident & Darc Starr (holysasa.helgerud)




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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2588 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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