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Freako Dufaux

how do i age verify?


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If you're a Premium or Concierge customer, submit a ticket:


What happens if I experience problems when I try to verify my identity?

We are committed to making sure the process is as smooth and user-friendly as possible; however, we understand that this represents a change for Residents. We have also tested the system extensively with our systems provider, Aristotle-Integrity, which has delivered this type of technology to other companies. If you are a Premium or Concierge customer and you continue to have problems verifying your identity, please go to the Second Life Support Portal and submit a ticket.

Please attach an electronic (scanned) copy of one of a Government issued identification that has your name and date of birth clearly displayed. This identification could be one of the following:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Driver's License
  • Passport
  • State or National ID

To attach a file to your ticket:

  1. Log into the Second Life Support Portal and click the My Support History tab.
  2. Click the Ticket # of the age verification ticket you submitted.
  3. Click the Comment button.
  4. Click the Attach a file link.
  5. Browse for the file on your computer and click Open.
  6. To attach another file, click the Attach another file link.
  7. Click the Submit button.
  8. The files you specified will be uploaded and attached to the ticket.

Please expect manual verification to take 5-7 working days.


If you're NOT a Premium or Concierge customer, you're sorta outta luck, I guess.


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If age verification has failed you can try adult verification. As far as Linden Lab is concerned, this suffices to allow access to adult areas within Second Life. Some sim owners though restrict access to age verified so you would not be able to enter them but such sims are few and far between.

Details are given in this link: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Age-verification/ta-p/700021

For adult verification, adding Payment Info on File via your Dashboard will work for US residents but for those outside that territory, it's necessary to actually buy Lindens from the Lindex (see Dashboard) with an accepted credit card (no Paypal option) and obtain Payment Info Used. The facility for Payment Info on File for new non-US residents ended last year so its either age verification or buy Lindens via the Linden Exchange to add adult verification.

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