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I'm an adult but can't search for adult places

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My birth year, when created my avatar, is way over 18 years old, yet I can not click on the "adult" for searching for places in sl. MP I can search for adult... and in my preferences I have GMA clicked... but in the upper right bar for searching for places to go it only comes up GM and A is grayed out.  I can not receive gifts from friends that are adult checked either. What is going on and how can this be fixed???

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What viewer are you using? If this behavior is happening on the SL standard viewer, you may need to do a support ticket so LL can fix it. If you are using a TPV like Firestorm, install the standard viewer and see if you're having the same problem. If the problem disappears, you need to contact the inworld support group for the viewer you are using. If it doesn't, same thing...do a support ticket.

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this happens because when you start an avatar and try visit an Adult resource that causes a failure since

you dont have the A checked yet in the preferences. Then in the web resources it stores your current

credentials GM and not A, however later if you set in preferences G M A as desired.

It will not upgrade the web credentials for that account. So market place and websearch which unfortunately

the search function in the viewer uses. Will barf when you try acces A material.

There is no recourse.

The only work around i found is to do this.

1. create a new avatar

2. DO NOT visit the web stuff in this process. Proceed to login with the viewer as quick as possible.

3. right immediatly after you login go to preferences and set G M A as accesible. Save it and logout

4. login again and verify that the G M A in preferences stick.

5. Now when you login to say the market place you will still see GMx since you never been there yet. But you

can now checkmark the little x in front of A for the material. Log out and in again to verify that the changes stick.

If your avatar been compromised by this schizophreny where the viewer and the web credentials are

out of step your only recourse as i found is make another avatar and make sure it has GMA before you

login to any web views like account pages or marketplace

This if an avatar gets screwed up doesnt only affect the searching

it affects also the following

a. someone gives you an Adult rated item. The item is silently discarded since your not allowed use it

b. someone send you an item from marketplace as gift and its A, you wont get it it wont be received.

c. any persons profile that has been marked A you cant see


if this has happend to you

either ask Linden to fix their stuff with a support ticket and good luck to that one

OR make a new avatar and do it right this time, set GMA before you go try see some A stuff the first time.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2840 days.

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