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At Sharktooth Beach Club...Less is MORE. Find out why!


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Sharktooth Beach Club is Hiring full time Burlesque Dancers!

The doors of opportunity await you in a club that has come a long way of nearly 4 Years of pure entertainment!

Join this progressive club that aims to bring the best of that entertainment to the SL masses by putting the T in StripTease!

Whether you are male, female, neko, or a furry; we accept all walks of life to bring that vivacious and vibrant diversity that SL is known for.  Bring your cheeky seduction, winks, kisses blowing and of course those delicious dance moves that makes the eyes roll to the back of a patron's head and show everyone a wonderful time!

What you can expect from Sharktooth Beach Club:

  1.  100% Tips (We will never take from your hard earned lindens) along with Staff of the Week and Bonuses.  These extra perks are for dedication, consistency, and hard work.
  2.   Fixed rates for Burlesque Dancers- 300L for Topless & 500L for Fully Nude
  3.   Full Training and Refreshers to help you be the best you can be.
  4.  Organized and permenant scheduling to meet your time management needs
  5.   Freedom to express yourself as a dancer and artist in a respectful, comfortable and fun SL Club to bring the warm, welcoming and genuine experience to the masses
  6.   Freelance Sundays to hop on stage and take it over with your awesome!
  7.   A great group of Staff members and Management to be there not just as co-workers but as family as well.


What we expect from our Sharktooth Burlesque Dancers:

  1.   Respect, communication, dedication, motivation, hard work and great personalities where you are showing your fun and bubbly side.
  2.   You must be over 30 days old.
  3.   You must commit to a minimum of 1 permanent set that is 2 hours long (No Exceptions)
  4.   You must have Attractive skin, shape, hair, and quality clothing, accessories and so forth.
  5.   No bling, flexi hair or facelights.  You must be sexy and classy and every guests dream come true.
  6.   Fluent in English (no translators.
  7.   Have FUN!!!!


Now that you know all of that and are still reading this advertisment...What are you waiting for?

Come check out Sharktooth Beach Club at its new location to get a feel for the place and to pick up that application that is waiting for you!  All applications are located at the landing point and if you have questions, comments, concerns please feel free to contact me for further details or please contact the following individuals in-world; IMs or Notecards:


Sr Host/Dancer Manager - Krusnik05 Resident

General Manager Hosts/Dancers - Jasmine Princess

Club Owner - Vivalatease Resident


Teleport here to check us out and pick up a app - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/CrAzYToWn/49/50/23

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3046 days.

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