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  1.  Join DJ Kali on Friday @ 2/26 4pm SLT in Sharktooth Beach Club to listen to the greatest dance and pop tunes from the 90's! Bring those friends and family to come hang out on our ship, dance, fish, surf and relax in the hottest Beach, Burlesque and Surf dance club in SL! Here is the boat ride to a fun party! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/CrAzYToWn/49/63/22
  2. Join DJ Kali as she tears up Friday Night @ 6pm with the greatest hits of the 80s from the greatest 80's movies of all time! So come on down with your friends and family to come enjoy the tunes, the glass dance floor with our famous Sharks, the Burlesque dancing, the surfing, the fishing and of course meeting new friends in the greatest club ever! Songs featured from these motion pictures include Scarface, The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Top Gun and much more! Here's your flyer and boat limo to the event!!! ❣GET YOUR TOOSHIES TO THE DANCE FLOOR❣ ❣SHARKTOOTH IS PLAYING ALL YOUR FAVE MUSIC❣ ❦ TIME: 6PM TO 8PM ♫ DJ: KALI ☺ HOST: ANGIE ✰ WHAT:80'S MOVIES THEME SONGS! ✈ CLICK HERE FOR THE ✈ RIDE: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/CrAzYToWn/49/63/22
  3.  Sharktooth Beach Club is Hiring full time Burlesque Dancers! The doors of opportunity await you in a club that has come a long way of nearly 4 Years of pure entertainment! Join this progressive club that aims to bring the best of that entertainment to the SL masses by putting the T in StripTease! Whether you are male, female, neko, or a furry; we accept all walks of life to bring that vivacious and vibrant diversity that SL is known for. Bring your cheeky seduction, winks, kisses blowing and of course those delicious dance moves that makes the eyes roll to the back of a patron's head and show everyone a wonderful time! What you can expect from Sharktooth Beach Club: 100% Tips (We will never take from your hard earned lindens) along with Staff of the Week and Bonuses. These extra perks are for dedication, consistency, and hard work. Fixed rates for Burlesque Dancers- 300L for Topless & 500L for Fully Nude Full Training and Refreshers to help you be the best you can be. Organized and permenant scheduling to meet your time management needs Freedom to express yourself as a dancer and artist in a respectful, comfortable and fun SL Club to bring the warm, welcoming and genuine experience to the masses Freelance Sundays to hop on stage and take it over with your awesome! A great group of Staff members and Management to be there not just as co-workers but as family as well. What we expect from our Sharktooth Burlesque Dancers: Respect, communication, dedication, motivation, hard work and great personalities where you are showing your fun and bubbly side. You must be over 30 days old. You must commit to a minimum of 1 permanent set that is 2 hours long (No Exceptions) You must have Attractive skin, shape, hair, and quality clothing, accessories and so forth. No bling, flexi hair or facelights. You must be sexy and classy and every guests dream come true. Fluent in English (no translators. Have FUN!!!! Now that you know all of that and are still reading this advertisment...What are you waiting for? Come check out Sharktooth Beach Club at its new location to get a feel for the place and to pick up that application that is waiting for you! All applications are located at the landing point and if you have questions, comments, concerns please feel free to contact me for further details or please contact the following individuals in-world; IMs or Notecards: Sr Host/Dancer Manager - Krusnik05 Resident General Manager Hosts/Dancers - Jasmine Princess Club Owner - Vivalatease Resident Teleport here to check us out and pick up a app - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/CrAzYToWn/49/50/23
  4.  Firstly thank you all who are reading this. You are incredibly awesomes! Now then let's talk about you and joining the awesome Sharktooth Beach Club staff! What we are looking for are: ~Reliable/dependable, fun/energetic, hard working and most of all passionate entertainers to DJ at our lovely club and passionate Go-Go Dancers to make the clubbing experience extra special for our guests! ~Must be 30 days or over, with experience which is preferrable and if you don't well that's just as preferrable because we can guide you with training to help you succeed!! We offer a great deal of things such as: ~100% tips with an easy going low to medium traffic club that we hope with you part of the team will grow into a high traffic place to call home.~Potential advancements through management after working hard and showing that dedication!~DJs! You can play the following genres to your crowds to draw them in like bees to honey! *Genres: Rock, Classic Rock Punk, Alt/Indie, Pop, Dance/EDM, R&B/Hip Hop, Modern Country And much more! With decades from the 60s all the way through to today's music!We also provide a club stream to utilize!!!~Staff perks such as raffles, community hangout and much more!~Importantly: You get a lovely management team that continues to strive in making Sharktooth a better working environment for everyone and ensuring that you are taken cared of. We have a wonderful staff of hard working DJs, Dancers and Management team. We welcome everyone from Furrie/Anthro, Supernatural beings, LGBT community and beyond! ~We also offer a friendly, respectful and communicative environement with good structure and organization. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to check out Sharktooth to see the new surprises that is being set up and pick up an application at the landing point! Boat ride to Sharktooth Beach Club (Becareful of the Sharks :D): http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hanalei/127/109/23 Be sure to IM to the following lovelies for your Job Applications!: Vivalatease (Sharktooth Owner)Krusnik05 (Sr Dancer Manager)Jasmine Princess (Daytime Dancer Manager)Christopher Ixito (Sr DJ Manager) We look forward to hearing from you!!!
  5. Join me for an amazing TWO MORE hour set of non-stop songs to celebrate the empowerment of the LGBTQ community with tunes from musicians apart of the community, songs of empowerment and purely fun and wild tunes to dance to!! Get the rainbow out and come as you are as the most amazing friends to dance, laugh and listen to great tunes forever and ever!! Especially when DJ Topher the amazing musicman whose going to close the night off with more great tunes is going to be on SL ENT RADIO!!! Don't miss this!!!! ░░░░(¯`:´¯)░░░. ♥SEXY ÐJ: TOPHER ♥ ░░(¯ `•.\ /.•´¯)░.. ♥@ SHARKTOOTH ♥ ░(¯ `•.(۞).•´¯)░(¯`:´¯)⋰♥ TIME: ♥10PM-12AM ░░(_.•´/ \`•._)(¯ `•.\ /.•´¯)♥Host: ♥KALI ░░░ (_.:._).░(¯ `•.(۞).•´¯ )ENT RADIO:http://srv6.karadio.biz:20474 ░░░(¯`:´¯)░░(_.•´/ \`•._)l♥ TUNES ♥ ░(¯ `•.\ /.•´¯)░░(_.:._) ♥FRIENDS ♥ ░(¯ `•.(۞).•´¯)░ ░░ ♥FEATURING: ♥80'S FLASHBACK http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hanalei/126/76/23 Like Us on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/SharktoothBeachClubSL
  6. Join me for an amazing FOUR HOUR set of non-stop songs to celebrate the empowerment of the LGBTQ community with tunes from musicians apart of the community, songs of empowerment and purely fun and wild tunes to dance to!! Get the rainbow out and come as you are as the most amazing friends to dance, laugh and listen to great tunes forever and ever!! ░░░░(¯`:´¯)░░░. ♥SEXY ÐJ: KALI ♥ ░░(¯ `•.\ /.•´¯)░.. ♥@ SHARKTOOTH ♥ ░(¯ `•.(۞).•´¯)░(¯`:´¯)⋰♥ TIME: ♥6PM-10PM ░░(_.•´/ \`•._)(¯ `•.\ /.•´¯)♥Host: ♥ ░░░ (_.:._).░(¯ `•.(۞).•´¯ )SHARKTOOTH BEACH CLUB ░░░(¯`:´¯)░░(_.•´/ \`•._)l♥ TUNES ♥ ░(¯ `•.\ /.•´¯)░░(_.:._) ♥FRIENDS ♥ ░(¯ `•.(۞).•´¯)░ ░░ ♥FEATURING: ♥GAY PRIDE CELEBRATION! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hanalei/126/76/23 Like Us on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/SharktoothBeachClubSL
  7. Bring your friends and family to enjoy DJ Topher throw a wondefu movie, and t.v. show, themed party where we all dress up as our favorite characters from them while listening to amazing tunes from them!!! You don't want to miss out on DJ Topher being live on SL ENT radio @ Sharktooth Beach Club, Mall and Surfing!!! Here is your flyer and boat ride!!! MOVIE THEME PARTY @ SHARKTOOTH!! ━━ DJ TOPHER LIVE ON THE WIRELESS ━━ LIVE ON ENT SL RADIO: http://srv6.karadio.biz:20474 GET TO SHARKTOOTH WHERE YOUR DJS AND HOSTS LOVE TO DANCE WITH YOU!! (¨`·.·´¨) DJ TOPHER & HOST KALI! ♫* -°.;♪´: 10PM TO 12AM SLT @ : *..·°-:¦:- YOUR BOAT RIDE -:¦:-°·..·* http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hanalei/125/58/22
  8. Join me and my host Muir as we dress up as our favoritie superheros, anti-heros and villains while listening to amazing tunes that were featured in superhero films or are inspired by the theme itself!! Bring your friends and family to enjoy the awesomeness of surfing, shopping, fishing and dancing with the awesome DJ Kali the mute @ SHARKTOOTH BEACH CLUB, MALL AND SURF!!! Here is your flyer and limo for a ride over tomorrow Friday @ 6pm SLT! ════════════ ▶ . MASTERMIND:DJ KALI - SIDEKICK: HOST MUIR ════ ▶ .VILLAIN HEADQUARTERS: SHARKTOOTH BEACH CLUB ════ ▶ .ROBBERY TIME: 6-8PM DANGEROUS FUN AND RISK TAKING SO COME JOIN US IN OUR MISCHIEVOUS WAYS. ══{Batmobile Awaits}══════════════════════════════> \☻/ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hanalei/125/58/22
  9. Join DJ Topher as he rocks the late night at 8-10pm with modern rock! You don't want to miss out on this amazing set of not just great tunes and an amazing DJ but also check out the awesomeness of Sharktooth Beach Club that offers stores, gacha yard sales, rentals, ad board rentals, fishing, surfing and more!!! Here is your flyer! GET TO SHARKTOOTH B.C .FOR AMAZING TUNES Ƴσυя ƊJ: TOPHER Ƴσυя Hσѕт: KALI Ƴσυя Ʋєηυє: SHARKTOOTH BEACH CLUB ƬǀMƐ: 8-10PM ⒸⓁⒾⒸⓀ ⒽⒺⓇⒺ ⒻⓄⓇ ⓉⒽⒺ ⓇⒾⒹⒺ: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hanalei/125/58/22
  10. Join us tonight at 10pm slt as we party to the best hits throughout the decades and genres! This is an all request, free for all where you can shake up that naughty box of DJ Topher with the tunes you want to hear! Bring your friends and family to come enjoy their time with us as we dress up in Togas and have a blast like in the movie Animal House! While here at the dance floor you can explore the awesome sim that has shopping, fishing, trivia, word scrambler, and surfing among many awesome surprises here! We also have gacha yard sale and rentals!!! If you are looking for a great place to work and feel like a beloved family member then pick up an application at the entrance too! SHARKTOOH BEACH CLUB Ƴ DJ Topher Ƴ Hσѕт Kali Ƴ SHARKTOOH BEACH CLUB AND MALL Ƭ10 pm to 12 am SLT ⒸⓁⒾⒸⓀYour boat ride to the club: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hanalei/125/58/22
  11. Come enjoy a great place to listen to some rock tunes while dancing on sharks as I, your truly, bring you some really awesome rock tunes from different decades with my host Muir at my side in welcoming this new weekend!!! Bring your friend to come hang out with us on the dance floor and check out the amazing things Sharktooth Beach club has to offer in shopping/store rentals, gacha yardsales/rentals, ad board rentals, fish hunt, surfing and more! I hope to see you there as we rock it!!! SHARKTOOH BEACH CLUB Ƴ DJ Kali Ƴ Hσѕт Muir Ƴ SHARKTOOH BEACH CLUB AND MALL Ƭ6pm to 8pm SLT ⒸⓁⒾⒸⓀYour boat ride to the club: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hanalei/125/58/22
  12. Put on your far out bell bottoms, tye-dyed shirts, smiling face tees, flower garlands and those cool shades that would make Elton John from back in the day proud as we party like hippies in enjoying the awesome tunes of that era with DJ Topher @ POPROCKS!!! Join us as he spins these incredible tunes that are sure to bring you back to the past down awesome memories while bringing on the free love, harmony and peace for everyone! You can also enjoy the awesome stores, gacha yard sales, trivia, sploder and rentals at our amazing sim! Totally far out and I hope to totally see you there .:.:.:★★:★PARTY TIME @ POPROCKS★★★:.:.:. ☺/ .: ★Ѡℍ◎: .: DJ Topher /▌ .: ★ѠℍΔT: ♪ ♪ Hippie themed tunes / \ .: ★Ѡℍ∈R∈: POPROCKS MUSIC CLUB .: ★Ѡℍ∈ℕ ☑ ԼǐѶƐ ➜ 8/7 10pm to 12am slt .: ★ Hosted by the cool and amazing: Kali Mahadevi-Lascivia​ Come on down to the best club in SL. Bring your friends, lovers, family and anyone you want! Come and party with us and shake those sexy pixels. LIMO: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hanalei/124/50/22
  13. Take the hand of that special someone in your life and guide them down the pathway to enjoy the most romantic tunes from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and todays songs to celebrate a night of Romance Friday 7/3/15. Share this wonderful set with DJ Topher as he brings to you those loving tunes that will have you and your special someone falling in love with each other all over again. Come in your finest formal attire and make this Friday night memorable! Your limo, champagne and chocolates await: ♫♫♫.•*¨`*•..¸♥☼♥ ¸.•*¨`*•.♫♫♫ ╔═══════ ೋღღೋ ═══════╗ ೋ POPROCKS TOP 40 ೋ ╚═══════ ೋღღೋ ═══════╝ ♫♫♫.•*¨`*•..¸♥☼♥ ¸.•*¨`*•.♫♫♫ Ƴσυ'яє ƊJ: DJ Topher Ƴσυ'яє Hσѕт: Kali Ƴσυ'яє Ʋєηυє: PopRocks! ƬǀMƐ: 10 pm to 12 am SLT ⒸⓁⒾⒸⓀ ⒽⒺⓇⒺ ⒻⓄⓇ ⓉⒽⒺ ⓇⒾⒹⒺ: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kajam/58/61/31
  14. Bring your friends and family to come party Friday night with the wonderful and naughty DJ Netty as she spins the hottest tunes from the 60s to today's hits from different genres that will get you dancing until the break of dawn! Throw on those dancing shoes, get ready to laugh and have fun!!! Your limo awaits!! Bring that special someone in your life to enjoy two hours of romantic tunes from throughout the decades as we pay tribute and celebration to keeping that love alive forevermore. Come in your finest formal outfit and dance the night away hand in hand. ♫♫♫.•*¨`*•..¸♥☼♥ ¸.•*¨`*•.♫♫♫ ╔═══════ ೋღღೋ ═══════╗ ೋ POPROCKS TOP 40 ೋ ╚═══════ ೋღღೋ ═══════╝ ♫♫♫.•*¨`*•..¸♥☼♥ ¸.•*¨`*•.♫♫♫ Ƴσυ'яє ƊJ: DJ Netty Ƴσυ'яє Hσѕт: Kali Ƴσυ'яє Ʋєηυє: PopRocks! ƬǀMƐ: 6-8 pm SLT ⒸⓁⒾⒸⓀ ⒽⒺⓇⒺ ⒻⓄⓇ ⓉⒽⒺ ⓇⒾⒹⒺ: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kajam/58/61/31
  15. I hope you find a best friend who will be everything you want them to be and vice versa. ^___^ Feel free to message me anytime in world and if you like we can be friends!
  16. Welcome back to Second Life Feel free to message me in world
  17. Welcome to Second Life and I hope so far it has been a fun and positive experience. Add me if you like in game, krusnik05, so you don't have to be alone and can have more awesome friends
  18. Come on down to dance and have a great time listening to some of the best music from the decades with your DJ D-Luv spinning those tunes at POPROCKS! The best of the 70s, 80s, 90s, and 2000s music! Meet Singles, Couples Dancing, Romance. ~*~*~*~Who: DJ D-Luv ~*~*~*~Host: Kali ~*~*~*~Where: PopRocks ~*~*~*~When: Friday 10/24/14, 10 p.m. to 12 a.m. SLT ~*~*~*~Ride with me ride with me on over to POPROCKS! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Disco%20Italy/68/68/31
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