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Two 1/2 Regions for Sale - Old Mainland

Jack Mondegreen

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This listing pertains to 1/2 sim parcels in the regions Rowling and Snicket, respectively - these sims are neighbours, and the parcels flow neatly together if bought in conjunction. I am happy to sell these holdings separately or as a pair.

Rowling and Snicket are situated on the old Teen Grid continent: used in that capacity from 2006 to 2011, this is an old area that shares its geography with Sansar, the first mainland continent. Rowling is a terrain clone of Albion, whereas Snicket resembles Pomponio.

Rowling and Snicket were so named after beloved children's authors, in the fashion of many early Teen Grid sims: Rowling, after JK Rowling, and Snicket for Lemony Snicket.

Both parcels are 36608sqm in total size. I own an additional 736sqm in Snicket and an additional 256sqm in Rowling, both of which we subdivided to bring the total square meterage down to a standard half sim size. The buyer is welcome to these plots if they desire them.



Rowling is a striking hilltop property, surrounded on two sides by simspace. The southern border is ringed by a strip of Protected Land, whereas the northern border sits against a rare so-called "Protected Wasteland" region left over from the early Teen Grid beta. This is a region's worth of protected land featuring many of the original Linden and beta resident structures.

The parcel in Rowling features a valley that leads down to a protected waterway, part of which you could be the proud owner.

In the Southeast of the sim is a secluded bay and penninsula. 



One of Snicket's most striking features is the geographical landmark crater to the north, on the Zaius border. Snicket's terrain continues Rowling's hilltop and brings it down a gradual incline towards Alloy, where there is a Protected Land border separating this parcel from the next residential plot in Alloy. To the South is a wonderful cove with a small personal beach, overlooked by the steepest part of the hill.



These parcels are both currently available for L$128,128 (L$3.5/sqm) each. Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions (You're welcome to respond to this post, but please also sendme an Instant Message/notecard inworld)

This is a peaceful area in which to dwell, and is a fantastic piece of metaverse history.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3052 days.

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