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Secondlife Sim Builder / Builder For Hire


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Secondlife User Name: SayaBanpaia Resident (Account Born On 05/25/2011)
(Feel Free to Contact me In-World)
Past User Avatar(s):

  •     Arisu Keng (Account Born in 2007)
  •     Shikane Cyberstar (Account Born in 2008)

Building on Secondlife since 2007
Building Skills:

  •     Full Sims
  •     Structures/Buildings
  •     Furniture Items/Ect
  •     Clothing (Rigged)
  •     Hair
  •     Textures (For Skin/Body Parts/and for other builds)
  •     Weapons ( And Combat Weapons for Huds)
  •     Meshes

3D Program Imports:

  •     Blender

Themes For Builds:
    Any really, may need examples for special ideas you have in mind
Build Price:
    Cheap (Pretty Much What You Want To Put Towards The Build)
Prim Sims:
    3750 Prim Sims (Can do a lot with out using all the Prims! Result: Low Lag Sim!)
    7500 Prim Sims (Can make a very detailed Sim with out using all the Prims! Low Lag Sim!)
    15000 Prim Sims (Endless Possibilities for the Appearance without using more then half of the Prims! Low Lag Sim!)
Sim Themes, Currently Made:

  •     Urban City
  •     Tokyo City    
  •     Japan
  •     Samurai / Feudal Era
  •     Naruto (5 Villages)
  •     Menora (Naruto Sim) Video Tour somone made of Sim: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Btr09xNpPAE
  •     Naruto Shippuden (After Ninja War)
  •     Destroyed Sim
  •     SciFi
  •     SciFi Destruction
  •     Outer Space
  •     Family Themed Places (Amusement Park / Fun House Maze)
  •     Restaurant
  •     Gor (example: City Of Cartius http://bloggingsl.net/the-city-of-cartius/ )
  •     Rome / Greek
  •     Fantasy Forest
  •     Kingdom
  •     Disney Themed Places
  •     Adoption Agency
  •     Mall
  •     Bleach (Anime)
  •     Farm Land / Amish
  •     Anime / Kawaii
  •     Mansion (Black Butler)
  •     Vampire / Ware Wolf
  •     Ant-sized Avatars / Giant House
  •     Sports Fields
  •     School / Academy
  •     Iron Town (Mechanical)
  •     Hogwarts School Of Witch Craft & Wizardry

Some Pictures Of Past Builds:

Common Questions & Answers

    Client: Will I need to give you rights to the land?
    SayaBanpaia Resident: It is preferred for better results to morph the Sim and Texture, but It would only be for temporary amount of time.

    Client: Is this going to cost me an Arm and a Leg?
    SayaBanpaia Resident: No, Just what you want to put towards it for Meshes and Uploading of Textures. I'm in it for the enjoyment of building

    Client: How long do you think it will take?
    SayaBanpaia Resident: I'm a fast builder and spend a lot of my time online. So depending on the type of build, could go from a few days to a month)

    Client: How good are you with making Skyboxes?
    SayaBanpaia Resident: I'd say very good, I can make it look like the Skybox is actually on the main ground without People falling off, including real-looking ocean surrounding it if needed.

    Client: If I don't like how it looks, would you start over without getting mad at me?
    SayaBanpaia Resident: Of course, your satisfaction is my goal. I'd redo it hundreds of times if I had to!
    Client: Would you continue to help me in the future after the building is done incase I want to upgrade?
    SayaBanpaia Resident: Of course, I would be happy to continue to lend my help in any way I can!

    Client: Can I contact you Inworld and Outworld?
    SayaBanpaia Resident: Of course : )

    Client: How Many Sims have you made?
    SayaBanpaia Resident: I've lost count o.O' I've done several themes for several people since 2007. I like to keep myself busy with building : )


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Dear Ms. Saya Banpaia,

I recently registered with SL (Premium).  I reviewed your Second Life Sim Builder / Builder For Hire  posting in  SL’s Inworld Employment forum and your Youtube video.  Your work speaks for itself.  In addition to your course building abilities your are adept at animation and other related skills.  Your experience and skill sets are an excellent match for the 16 week  Online (Canvas LMS) Comparative Religion course I am designing and teaching (late 2017) in a MUVE based Second Life format for West Los Angeles College. 

In August of this year the International Global Studies Program at WEST requested me to design the course for an online course in Canvas.  To date, West has been using the Etudes-NG LMS.  The DL department has begun preparing faculty and students for this changeover.  I presented my Cybergogy Comparative Religion course proposal in a MUVE based Second Life format to the interdisciplinary Global Studies Committee.  They approved the new cybergogy direction for the course and initial funding has commenced.  We are looking for a lead course builder/animator et al who wishes to join our project team.  This position does not require geographical relocation.  

Best Wishes,

Richard Kaplan                                                                                                                                                                Project Coordinator 

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2323 days.

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