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How do I select a root prim in a mass selection?


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Gareth8 Albatros wrote:


I have a 42 prim pre-built object, to which I've added 41 prims of my own. To link them all I did a mass selection, thinking that the root prim would be the root prim of the pre-built object, but it's one of the prims I added. So is there any way to select the root prim in a mass selection? It seems to be the last one that's highlighted when you drag the box around it, yes? Unfortunately, due to the way the item is constructed that's not going to help. Is there a way I can do a mass selection and then click a prim to select it as the root?

If not then the only other way is to select them individually, but I'd rather not do that, thanks all the same

Hi Gareth!


First edit the build.  Then click on the edit linked parts box, and touch the part that you want to be the root.  Then unlink that part.  Get out of edit, then go back into edit, and edit the build.  Hold the shift key down and touch the piece that you unlinked.  That piece should be the last piece you touch.  Then link.  The root will then be the piece that you previously unlinked, and is now the root.  I hope this helps you!




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