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Hardware ban - Question


Hey Guys

Ive got a question and I hope you guys can help me forward.

1 year and a half ago i been banned on Second Life (Hardware ban), since then I cant log in Second Life with my account on my laptop. I still can access Second Life with another computer. But now my question is: Is it possible to get unbanned again after 1year and a half or will I always have this Hardware-ban? And what to do to gain access again to Second Life by my laptop?

Hope you guys can help me,

Thanks Anyway!

Cheers, Marek.

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The only way to get a permaban lifted is to appeal to Linden Lab via the regular Support portal or by writing to or faxing Linden Lab at the address/fax number given in the link below. I guess it depends on why you got banned whether the Lab will look favourably on your appeal or not.



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