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Looking for a programmer to help build my company site

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Hello all you programers,

I am looking for someone who can program a website that will also have portions of it serving as an external data base for some inworld products. I have pasted the file that contains what I need my website as well as its pages to be capable of doing. Please send inquires/bids on the project to InovPR@Gmail.com.

Thank you in advance!

Cameleon Lethecus

Inov CEO



Features and page tabs with descriptions for the website

Home Page: On the home page I would like the company logo as well as an over view. Also I would like a slide show area that cycles through different pictures we decide to put into it. Also on the home page I would like the tabs to the other parts of our site and I would also like a twitter RSS feed that displays what I’m putting on my twitter on the home page of my website and allows users to be able to follow us on twitter. And also a members log in page for people who want to create accounts on the website that have our products and want to be able to use our services from the website. Also on the home page I would like some sort of device that allows users with accounts to leave a comment that will be shown in that field when others come to the site *users or not* I’d like this field to cycle every 5 seconds from one person’s testimonial to another and the people looking at them have the choice to scroll back and see the last testimonial that was up and pause it so they can read it.

Product Showcase Tab: Under this tab I would like all of our products to be listed here with a brief description of what they are with the option for users to read a full detail description if they would like. Here I would like it to be set up this way, a medium size picture with the brief description underneath it as well as a link to the SL marketplace page and a link to our in world store where they could buy it next to the in world store link I would like there be something that tells them the product is cheaper if they visit our in world store to make the purchase. I would also like there to be a link they can click that says *user feedback* or * customer testimonials* where people could click it to either leave a testimonial about a product of ours or read testimonials others have left about our product.

Advertise on a Lethini Game Board (Once the Lethini Game board is made and ready to be released, this Tab is going to be added in the future):

This page is to:

-Show prospective buyers places that there are Lethini Game Board ad spaces available on game boards with a small description and picture of the sim they are on, just so people know a little more about the place they are going to be getting the ad space at.

- A page where I can feature people who advertise with us, posting a picture as well as a description of their company and an SLURL link to allow people to visit their places in world. (If there is a way to make this all possible to be done by the users who get the spaces instead of me having to do this manually that would be great)

Events Tab: Under this tab I would like to put information about events we plan on holding, I would like to be able to put in a picture, a SLURL and a brief description about the event. Maybe even setting up a template for me to just to in and fill out, like have different fields I fill in ( I.e. Under the location field I just put the SLURL, under the description I put a brief description, under the picture field I upload a picture to be shown… you get the jist)

Business Card Editor Tab: This tab is straight forward, just like the business card editor tab is now, however I would like a new interface for the input, something sleeker.

About Us Tab: Just a simple tab that has our policies, TOS on our products and a quick rundown of who’s who at the company and what position they hold along with email contacts for each of them.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4100 days.

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