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In the SL Group chat, how do you mute a single Everyone Member, without ejecting them?

Cesta Franizzi

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Group moderation


The Moderate Group Chat ability gives you special capabilities over a group's text and voice conversations.  A person in a role with this ability is called a moderator.  By default, a group's owner and officers have this ability; the ability may also be graned to other members as desired. 

The moderator can selectively mute the voice and disable text chat from participants in a group chat session.  The moderator:

  • Sees special controls for these actions in the Group chat window.  
  • Is labelled as a Moderator in the list of participants. 

Moderation abilities are only availabe in group chat sessions, not local chat nor any other kind of conversation.

Moderating text chat

In a group IM session, regardless of whether or not a voice call is in progress, a moderator can disable text chat for individual participants. To do this, if you are a moderator, click on the person's name in the list of participants and deselect Allow text chat for that person.  To re-enable text chat, conversely, select Allow text chat.

When a moderator disable text chat for someone, that person will not be able to type anything into the text chat field for that group IM session.

Moderating voice chat

A moderator can mute voice chat for individual speakers in a group voice call. To do this, if you are a moderator, click the speaker's name in the list of participants and deselect Allow voice chat.  Then others in the group chat session will no longer hear that person and their voice dot changes into a "disabled" symbol. A moderator's action overrides everyone else's personal mute settings for that person. For example, even if a third participant did not choose to mute that particular person, he won't hear that person once the moderator disallows the person's voice.


Default voice chat setting

The moderator can set the whether new participants in a group voice call have voice enabled or not using the dropdown list at the top Group Call window. 

Initially the setting is Voices on by default: as new participants join the call, they can speak. Also, everyone's voice who has been disabled will be allowed to speak again, though their voices may be selectively disabled subsequently by the moderator.

If a moderator sets the default to Voices off by default, then everyone's voices in the call are disabled all at once, and voices will be disabled for all new participants as they join the voice conversation too! This is useful since certain speakers can then be allowed to use voice chat and "have the floor" of the conversation. Even as other participants join the session late with their microphones open, they will not be able to disturb the conversation.

At any time, a moderator can switch between Voices on by default or Voices off by default.


32px-KBcaution.png Important: If the moderator quits the group call, but keeps the setting Voices off by default, it will remain that way until every participant leaves and the session is completely closed. Therefore, the moderator should generally set the session back to Voices on by default before leaving the session. 
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