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cookiepie5 Mahogany

how do i file a report on a landowner?


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You file an Abuse Report on a landowner the same way you file an Abuse Report on anyone else (you can also AR an object).  Just follow the links already provided by RyOta and/or Knowl..........or you can simply click on the "Help" tab at the top of this page (or any page in the forums).  In the first box named "Popular Help Topics".  The first link is labeled "Abuse"......click on the arrow at the right to expand the options.  Click on "File an Abuse Report".

A note.  No one is going to stop you from filing an Abuse Report that you feel is warranted.......that's your right to do so.  But only Abuse Reports for legitamate ToS or CS violations will be addressed by the abuse team.  A landowner being rude to you and/or others is not a violation of any ToS or CS rule.  A landowner has the right to eject, ban or block access to anyone he/she sees fit to do so......it's not a violation of any ToS or CS rule.  The landowner is not obligated to refund or return any $L you (or someone else) has paid......it's not a violation of any ToS or CS rule to not refund the $L that you feel are owed you.  In other words, you can file the report.......just don't expect much from the abuse team (if nothing is violated they will simply close the report and mark as resolved).  And from what you discribed in your post there hasn't been any violations.

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