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Merchant Update October 2012


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As Rodvik Linden promised, we have pulled together a summary of the key Marketplace related issues brought up by the merchant community on the forums.

Direct Delivery and Magic Boxes

For those who have transitioned to Direct Delivery, we now see Direct Delivery items getting delivered 2.3 times faster than their Magic Box counterparts. In addition, Direct Delivery has a delivery success rate 2.5 percent higher than Magic Box items. (Note that over 50% of items delivered in September were delivered by Direct Delivery.)

That said, a small subset of Merchants will be unable to migrate to Direct Delivery due to remaining work:

  • Some Merchants are unable to initialize the Merchant Outbox, or they cannot successfully send items to the Marketplace. We continue to work on resolving this.
  • Limited Quantity support has not been completed. This is for Merchants who sell objects that the Merchant does not have the ability to copy.

Some of you have commented that you have had issues with Direct Delivery not performing as expected (delayed deliveries, odd failures, no emails when a customer makes a purchase). If you experience any issues related to the above, please file a JIRA so we can investigate further.

Additional Marketplace Issues

Following is the list of additional Marketplace-related issues that we have collected from the community and our responses:

  • Direct Delivery should email Merchants notification of sale. Linden Lab response: it does for each sale. If you are not receiving emails, please file a JIRA.
  • Product Listing Enhancements being billed multiple times. Linden Lab response: please see the forum post on this topic
  • Release Notes posted should be posted advance. Linden Lab response: for most releases, we do so on the Beta Release Notes.
  • Notification in advance of email address changes. Linden Lab response: in the future, we will notify Merchants of any changes in advance in the Beta Release Notes.

In addition to the above, the community raised the following issues which we are either investigating or evaluating the best way to address.

  • Enhancements for “charging, cannot edit.”
  • Price change problems with the cart.
  • Listings that have the wrong photos.
  • Merchants should be notified when a review is written.
  • Categories should be reviewed and updated.
  • Make preview image larger when editing a listing.
  • Centralized reporting.
  • Better association between a demo and a product.
  • The ability for Merchants to merchandise their stores.
  • Better sharing of products.
  • A more detailed explanation of how search works.

Again, we appreciate your feedback!

The Commerce Team

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Thank you for your continued feedback. Following is an update regarding your latest questions and requests:

  • Direct Delivery email notifying merchants receipt of item by customer: We understand your request and are looking into this.
  • Marketplace category changes: We’re working on some proposed updates to these categories and will give you the opportunity to provide input. Stay tuned for more details - including a survey.
  • JIRA changes: We are working to adjust our communications practices to make sure all Merchants are kept up-to-date on bug fixes.
  • Marketplace weekly user group: We will not be adding a user group at this time.
  • Publish Marketplace six-month backlog: There are no plans to provide this data.

In addition, we are evaluating ways to improve communications practices with Merchants that will allow us to address technical and support issues more effectively. This includes direct email correspondence, such as the direct email that was sent November 6, 2012 to let all Merchants know about the benefits of Direct Delivery.

We appreciate your patience while we continue to improve marketplace functionality and merchant communications.

The Commerce Team

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4182 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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