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Jale Albatros

Second Life kicks me out when attempting to teleport anywhere


Hello. During the past 2 weeks I've been experiencing issues when trying to teleport anywhere, and I mean anywhere, and when I do it takes a long time to connect to another region (for about a minute) and then everything goes grayscale with a message popping up saying "You have been logged out of Second Life. You have been disconnected from the region you were in" (Screenshot) and since then I tried to troubleshoot this issue myself, fruitlessly. This is what I have done so far (in no particular order):


  • Checked my internet connection. Apparently Second Life is the only application that fails. I play many online games and they seem to work fine. I ran speedtest.net and pingtest.net and they show perfectly normal values for my connection (see here and here).
  • Checked my avatar rendering cost and script load. Also checked my ping rate which falls in normal levels (around 150~250 ms).
  • Detached everything I had on before teleporting.
  • Tried teleporting with alternate accounts.
  • Contacted support. They refused to give me assistance since I'm using a basic account, though they gave me links to troubleshoot teleport issues. I followed the steps and no solution has been found.
  • Tried many viewers: I regularly use Phoenix Firestorm, but I also tried the official Second Life viewer and the V1 based Phoenix Viewer. All of them present the same problem.
  • Cleared cache manually.
  • Made a clean reinstall.
  • Updated my router's firmware.
  • Reset my modem and router to their default settings.
  • Checked the port values from the router. I didn't see any change when I opened or closed the port.
  • Used Google DNS to see if it was a DNS issue.
  • Tried from another computer in my network.
  • Connected the modem directly to my PC (putting the router aside).
  • Disabled firewall and antivirus (for testing purposes).
  • Tried the tracert using the command prompt. It reaches the servers normally.
  • Checked my packet loss. In the Phoenix jira they claimed my packet loss is high at the moment I requested support from them (2.5%), but I'm already aware of this and never had teleport issues in the past. I've got a couple of "unable to teleport in a timely fashion", but this time Second Life logs me out everytime I try to teleport.

And perhaps I've done more that I cannot remember now. I'm running out of options. The only thing left is to change the modem, but I doubt it will solve the issue, because my connection is fine, it just fails with Second Life only. I don't have issues logging in, attaching or detaching stuff, I'm just unable to teleport without being kicked off Second LIfe. Any help and/or ideas will be appreciated.

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Hey. I had a similar problem to you a while back and it was actually my internet connection.  I tried everything on your list plus a whole heap more. The problem was noise on my line. Several calls to my ISP and an engineer visit sorted the problem instantly. Faulty and old equipement was causing noise on my line that wasn't actually showing up when the tech support at my ISP ran checks from their end, it took an engineer to come to my property and check the lines manually. 


If nothing else, its only a phone call. Good Luck and I am sure someone else will be a long with some far more technical stuff :)

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