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  1. My workaround was to move everything out of the outfits folder. I now only use it when creating a new outfit. It's then dragged up to my Clothing folder where I have a new Outfits folder. Many sub folders, copy, pasting, adding and deleting to my hearts content. Good luck!
  2. At the bottom of the second picture, Stitching type, Try changing that. Then as the poster above says, you will need to stretch out the shape untill you get what you want/it's supposed to be. If there is an example object check that out and see if yours matches.
  3. I cried. At some point in the last two days (been inv cleaning) I deleted a folder with thousands upon thousands of textures, mesh models and animations along with almost everything I have ever built. Le sigh..
  4. I can't remember the exact measurements but a Petite is 1/3 the size of the average default avatar, a micro is..smaller than that
  5. Morning. I have a ton of extra gacha items, I set up a spot on my land to sell them on but I have had to downsize my land and no longer have the spare prims, after some research I have set up a small MP store, I have the magic box but I have a few questions, any help would be great. When I load the magicbox and sync to the MP it obviously lists each item to be "managed". Example, a dress, I have the same dress in 3 different colours but two of them have the same colour twice. I have listed this dress, checked the limited box and added 2 for the quanity (for those that have two of that colour), added description etc and made the listing active. When I went back to the "Manage Listings" page it showed I had two unassociated items, the 2 extra colours of the dress. What did I do wrong? Do i need to list each item as a seperate item, making the limited quanity 1 for each item in the magicbox? Second question and probably the most important. As I am not the creator of these items and although they are no copy trans do I need to contact the creator to sell them on the MP? I have seen lots of gacha items on the MP for sale by people like me (people who spend way to much time shopping!), I am not trying to make a profit, selling all for what I paid for them, but with IP infingement being such a huge thing I was concerned about using the original artwork to advertise. Obviously there are a lot of yardsales in world, I was wondering if selling these extras on the MP brings up a whole other set of guidelines/problems that I haven't come across in my research. Thanks for any help/thoughts offered :)
  6. Eek! Sorry Antumbra. Seems I caused your bad day to turn into a bad weekend. I can see why my post was missed, I hardly post here and when I do I am hardly serious. I can also see why some people thought it was advertising, posting the link to your store was something you should probably have done in IM. Having said that Thank You for letting me know about the dress!
  7. Sorry for your bad day but what we really want to know is, where did you get the dress? Its gorgeous!
  8. I have had problems myself the last few days. I re-rezzed the box, right clicked and edited the box and then looked in the contents tab. I compared what was in the contents tab to the folder in my inventory, if items hadnt been transfered I clicked and dragged the item from the box contents to the folder in my inventory. Or you can simply "open" the box again to create another folder, deleting the old one once it has all moved across. This will only be possible if the items are copy. You can also try re-logging, letting your inventory fully load then checking the folder again. Also double check that all the items you were expecting actually were for sale in the first place. Often some items in the advertising picture are not included. If you have done all this and still the items are not in your inventory contact the seller. Check their profile first to see if they have a prefered method of contact, explain the situation politely and I am sure they will get back to you.
  9. The ultimate Dude-Bro's :matte-motes-sunglasses-1:
  10. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: List? Why are these people on a List? Are the people on the list the bad guys or is the maker of the list the bad guy? The bad guys are always on The List
  11. There is a great group called The Thrifty Goth. They call MM (midnight mania) Boards and are a great source of knowledge for all things goth. The group is showing in my profile or search for it, it's free to join.
  12. Nyll Bergbahn wrote: sparkles Britton wrote: Looks like it couldall be over, The Queen just posted on twitter https://twitter.com/Queen_UK?utm_source=fb&utm_medium=fb&utm_campaign=Queen_UK&utm_content=359382937009000448 or maybe not :matte-motes-big-grin: lol...however, it is a BOY! News just released. Lol, it just tickled me when I saw it after following this thread this afternoon Well done Kate, a future king is born. I am sure it says more about me than I want to know but my 10 year old daughter was far more excited than I was. She has recorded the date, time and weight in her diary so she can show her children/grandchildren how young she was when The King was born. Bless!
  13. Looks like it couldall be over, The Queen just posted on twitter https://twitter.com/Queen_UK?utm_source=fb&utm_medium=fb&utm_campaign=Queen_UK&utm_content=359382937009000448 or maybe not :matte-motes-big-grin:
  14. Awe Thor wrote: I'd heard a rumour they - reluctantly - had to spend their tour beer kitty on sunglasses, floppy hats and zinc cream I don't watch cricket, but IF that's true, I think I might. :matte-motes-nerdy:
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