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Email Preference Changes

Linden Lab


Happy December! 

We will soon be adding an option to email notification preferences. Currently, you can choose to receive IMs in your email when you are not logged in to Second Life. There will now be an additional setting that controls whether you receive Group notices in email.

These settings are moving from the Viewer Preferences window to https://accounts.secondlife.com/change_email. A verified email address is still required for receiving these notifications.

We are rolling this change out in stages. If you change your settings, it may be up to two weeks before it takes effect.

The default for the new setting affecting Group notices will be OFF. If you wish to receive Group notices in email, you will need to visit the web page and opt in.

This change is motivated by feedback from our community as well as residents frequently marking Group Notice emails as spam.  We want emails to our residents to be as relevant and useful as possible! 


When the full rollout of the change is complete on December 15, residents will have the option to opt-in or out of offline communication preferences separately for offline IMs and offline group notifications.  In the past if residents requested offline communication you would receive both IMs and group notifications when you were not inworld; with this change residents will not receive offline group notifications unless they explicitly ask for them.  They will still receive offline IMs if they subscribed to offline notifications before the change.  

The web page for opting in to receiving group notifications will go live on December 8, 2021 but some preference updates will not be applied until December 15.  If a resident does not explicitly sign up for offline group notifications before December 15 they will stop receiving them after that date.  Any preference changes made after December 15 will go into effect immediately.

If a resident has requested no offline communications the preference will not change.

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