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Inara Pey : Visiting ancient Greece in Second Life

Strawberry Linden


Inara Pey - 46.jpg

"In October, I visited ancient Alexandria, a two-region build by Kleopatra T. Philopator (Kleopatra Alpha) and Elio Donat, and which offers an historical / role-play environment set in the reign of Cleopatra VII Philopator (69 BC – 10 August 30 BC) – see Cleopatra’s Alexandria in Second Life. However, adjoining the two regions representing Alexandria is a third, offering settings from ancient Greece within the same period (centred on around 43-42 BCE). At the time I covered Alexandria, I had intended to include the settings from ancient Greece; however, in talking to their creator (and holder of the region where they sit), Ellen of Sparta (ellenharriet) it became apparent they should be covered separately – hence this article." Read more on the blog.


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